Internet of Things Could Bring a Digital Thriller

With the advancement and betterment of the latest technologies, the humankind is at its best ease. Everything including inanimate objects is automated or getting automatized – from a smartwatch to car to lights and even doors. Internet of Things, known as IoT, is all set to bring a revolution that nobody had thought before.

However, in the race of making things advanced, there has been a great compromise on humanity. At times, ethics are compromised to quench the thirst of materialism. A lot of Hollywood movies have been made on the subject where scientists’ experiments go wrong and those machines turn rebellion.

If we stretch the panic in terms of the Internet of Things, it becomes scarier. IoT can involve everything around humans, and today all non-living things have their own brains to think like humans. The next generation IoT is machines and devices filled with super intelligence and empathy where they would understand humans better or probably act on their own.

While the Internet of Things could be a great human companion, there could be consequences if the latest technology goes wrong. Yes, indeed it is possible because now those machines and devices have their own brain. They are automath and can learn by themselves based on the activities going around them by humans.

The Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Empathy are the two next big things getting integrated in machines and devices. It is possible that they realize their power and then try to shadow humans. There are many glitches recorded daily in automated things, but it is easy to overcome because the machines and devices don’t resist today. In future, when they know that they are more powerful and have better intelligence, they may refuse the change or fix.

It is no less than a nightmare when it is hypothetically thought that all the non-living things around us including cars, doors, air-conditions, baby strollers, garage, and even refrigerator using their own brains start making a conspiracy against humans.

Humans have to hold their horses back and work cautiously because giving all the access and powers to machines and devices will only land them in unprecedented trouble. It would be then difficult to face the machines with super intelligence because they don’t feel pain. Nor do they have anything to lose. Great scientists like Einstein too have cautioned the overuse of advanced technology as it may lead to nothing but the entire eradication of the human race.

Source by Dr. Maulik Vyas

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