There Is A Difference Between Bias And Actual Observation – Do We Want PC Artificial Intelligence?

What some politically correct people call bias is really just Artificial Intelligent (AI) observation of the actual environment. So, what’s wrong with that – AI used probability when making decisions – ever heard of it? Everyone should. If a human fails to take into consideration what it experiences in its environment to make its decisions, then one could say; It Isn’t Intelligent.

There was an interesting article in Accelerating Intelligence, the newsletter for the Singularity Institute titled: “The Struggle to Make AI Less Biased than Its Creators,” by Peter Rejcek, published to the Singularity Hub website. The article stated:

“The dirty little secret is out about artificial intelligence. No, not the one about machines taking over the world. That’s an old one. This one is more insidious. Data scientists, AI experts and others have long suspected it would be a problem. AI is prejudiced; Sexism, Ageism, Racism, name an ism, and more likely than not, the results produced by our machines have a bias in one or more ways. But an emerging think tank dubbed: ‘Diversity.AI’ believes our machines can do better than their creators when it comes to breaking down stereotypes and other barriers to inclusion.”

Of course, this article came from a leftist socialist academic skew and POV (point of view) so we can take it for what it’s worth. Yes, the article gave numerous examples of AI outputs on questions asked, and we all remember when Google’s Image AI search labeled Gorillas as Black (African American) Human Beings, which is about as racist as you can get, but it was a simple mistake due to measuring nostril size, head size, jaw bones, facial features, eye color, hair color and skin color. Should we be offended? No, but perhaps work does need to be done on that FRT (Facial Recognition Technology) AI Algorithm.

Besides true machine learning, must learn, that means make mistakes, and have successes and learn from those as it gets ‘smarter’ right? The author of the article cited above stated; “AI is prejudice; Sexism, Ageism, Racism, name an ism,” well I guess we are told so is Donald Trump and we elected him president, maybe we should elect an AI system to run the country in that case? Ah, made you think didn’t I?

Should we really be re-programming AI to be “Artificial Unintelligent” instead? Just as we are dummying down our society to believe what they observe is wrong, for a more politically correct version? I don’t believe that is wise, or intelligent myself. Maybe our AI is smarter than we give it credit for and we are the stupid ones pretending and living a lie from actual and real observations? Maybe we can learn from AI to be better and more intelligent versions of ourselves. Celebrate Diversity – Don’t Ever Force It. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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