The Signature Event Of 2012

Hundreds of years ago the Mayans, through the knowledge of their calendar, predicted a great flood happening at the end of their 5000 year cycle – known as the Short Count, December 21, 2012. Recently, astronomers and scientists have ascertained, through the largest and most sophisticated technology, a cloud of frozen hydrogen gas three times the size of the earth quickly approaching the black hole in the center of our galaxy, slated to arrive at the end of this year – igniting an expected burst of energy yet defused enough not to endanger the Earth.

Our Solar System is 26,000 light years from the center of our galaxy and therefore, the illumination emitted resulting from the cloud interacting with the black hole has been traveling for 26,000 light years. The Long Count of the Mayan calendar is a 26,000 years cycle, corresponding to the dance of the North Star through the 12 zodiac signs.

The number 26 is famous both in the Cabala, where the gematria of God’s four letter unpronounceable Name is 26, and the science of the string theory, that describes the ethereal reality that connects Heaven to Earth, is based on the number 26 – which leads one to wonder, What will be the affect of this astronomical happening slated in a year from now?

Perhaps the 26,000 light years are related to the 26,000 year cycle around the North Star merging just as the earth is lining up with the center of our galaxy on December 21, 2012. This is not coincidence, but a galactic mechanism meant specifically for the earth to awaken a new reality.

Cabala studies the configuration of creation under the premise: The Creator created creation using logic. The scientists refer to cause and effect as an explanation to logic, but embedded with the logic are implicit hints and statements as to the purpose of creation – without purpose life is meaningless.

The Cabala explains, The pure light of the Creator can not be grasp by creation except by the intermediary of Parstoph/Veiled Face. Veiled, gives the contour of the face through the vehicle of an intermediary. This passing veil of frozen primordial gas before the center of galaxy will allow the black hole to take on temporal visage and thus deliver a message to the world; slated for next year, after a 26,000 light year journeying to the Earth from the center of the galaxy, is the signature event of 2012.

In preparation for this event, on June 6, 2012 the planet Venus will transit the Sun, casting a shadow upon the Earth. Venus corresponds in the Tree of Life, the Ten Siferot/Luminaries, as Dat/Knowing. The shadow cast from the Kupa/Marriage Canopy blesses those beneath, so too the shadow cast by Venus will help ignite the world with knowing.

Source by Dovid Krafchow

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