Review: A Real Review About 1WeektoWealth

You are about to read my uncensored review of what I really thought about 1Weektowealth, a brand new home based business opportunity. Note that this is a review.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking of joining 1Weektowealth, there wasn’t many real reviews around.. So, I thought I’d do a quick write-up to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into the good and the bad points of 1Weektowealth, so if that’s not something you want to read, you might may as well leave now.

My First Impressions Of 1Weektowealth:

When I first heard about the launch of 1WeektoWealth I wondered what all the fuss was about. I had received several e-mails about the business, read some tweets, and even got a Facebook announcement.

This was a lot of activity for company that was not even open for business yet. So I decided to give it a look- see.

Even though the website was not fancy, or loaded down with a bunch of graphics, words,and videos, it caught my attention. Mainly because it showed a page full of 100 dollar bills. Anytime I see lots of money I get real interested.

At this time the website had a pre-launch message. It gave the reader some basic information about what to expect with the 1WeektoWealth home based business opportunity.

There was not a bunch of fluffy wording or hype on the web page. It was concise and to the point, listing the benefits of the business, and identifying the difference between the 1WeektoWealth business and other network marketing and home base businesses we see every day on the Internet.

One big difference with this company is the fact that it boast a business that works as well offline as it does online. There is no Internet or computer experience required to succeed with the business.

What I Find Most Useful About 1Weektowealth:

There are several benefits to 1WeektoWealth that I found to be very useful.

* First of all the Business website does all the explaining and selling the opportunity for you. It is set up with a Frequently Ask Question section, that answered many of the questions I had about the business.

* The site includes a company overview by founder Frank Trueblood, as well as a recorded conference call specifically designed for recruiting.

* There is a business overview phone message that you can use in online and offline advertisements.

* The 1WeektoWealth site comes with it’s own follow up e-mail system in order to stay in contact with those who choose to opt-in to learn about the one of a kind product.

* The 1WeektoWealth business is set up with multiple streams of income. In fact this business is set up to help an individual make money up to 9 different ways.

* You can earn weekly bonuses as well as a monthly residual income.

Another unique feature to the 1WeektoWealth business opportunity is that you really never have to talk to a single person if you choose not to.

The system explains the opportunity, explains the compensation plan, explains why this particular industry is so profitable, explains the sign-up process, provides instructional videos on how to get started, provides promotional training, and even provides a system to recruit for you. Now that is what I call a complete business.

Who Would Benefit From Purchasing 1Weektowealth:

Since I started making money online I have seen more business opportunities than I can count. For the most part they are designed to run on the Internet.

If you don’t have online marketing experience or the funds to maintain an ongoing marketing campaign, then chances are you will not succeed with an online business, unless however you get involved with a massive online training program that teaches you how to market a business online.

So who exactly would benefit from purchasing the 1WeektoWealth home base business?

Well according to Frank Trueblood, the Brains Behind the Business, it was specifically designed for the average Joe (or Jill). It is a simple business with a simple product, with simple instructions on how to build a full time income starting with less than $100.

Now don’t let the simplicity of this business fool you, I have discovered to my shock that this is a billion dollar industry.

Let me add something here. I choose not to talk about the product in this review because most people would not believe that the product is in a billion dollar industry, and I don’t have the space here to try to convince you of that fact, and I would not want my attempts to do so interfere with your decision to investigate this business further.

I know for a fact that millions of people do this every year, even me, but 99.9% of us don’t know how to turn it into a full-time income. That is what this program will show you.

Negatives about 1Weektowealth:

One downside to 1Weektowealth is the fact that it is a new business opportunity. Statistics tell us that over half of new businesses fail within their first year.

I do know that the parent company is not a new company, and Frank Trueblood is not new the business world. He has already built several other businesses and have helped thousands of people make money online from home. However the stigma of a new business may cause some people to shy away from it until it shows some potential.

It is very difficult for a new start up company to have all their ducks in a row at launch time. As of this writing, which is the day after launch, some of the tools that are used to succeed with the 1WeektoWealth business has yet to go live.

Though this delay is not a major problem, it might keep some beginners from getting started right away. However, I am assured that those tools will be up and running very soon.

My Final Words About 1Weektowealth:

Rarely do you find a home based business that is targeted to the average person, with an average life, an average income, and with little or no business experience. 1WeektoWealth is designed with those folks in mind. This is a complete business, that according to Frank Trueblood is “The Easiest, Most Fun, Most Profitable Home-based Business In The World!

This is a true ground floor opportunity No one else uses this unique product for developing a full-time income.

Look, no business is for everyone, you will have to see for yourself if 1WeektoWealth is a right fit for you.

Source by Larry D. Johnson

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