Prevent Global Warming – What Can You Do To Prevent Global Wamring

Global warming is one of the major environmental issues that are haunting the people. Emphasis must be made upon what an individual can do to prevent global warming. Global warming refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth gradually which is affected by many factors. It is now a known fact that man is one of the main causes of it. The gradual increase in the temperatures is not a sudden process and has been there from a long time. But the rapid increase in development of the cities and technology has given rise to pollution which has causes the increase in global warming. Emissions from car, factories, burning of fossil fuel, use of CFC, deforestations have caused the global warming.

To prevent Global warming, one of the things that a person can opt for is use of alternative forms of energy production other than fossil fuels which give large amounts of carbon dioxide. Use of solar energy can be a good alternative which can be employed. Another thing they can do is to plant trees in their backyard or street which are natural controllers of the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Trees are usually cut down for paper production, thus using recycled paper can be a really good measure.

Limiting the usage of appliances or compounds which produces CFC can also help. CFC is the major reason for the depletion of the ozone layer causing global warming. Another reason for global warming is the emissions from cars. The world has seen a geometrical increase in population. This has lead to increase in the number of cars. Identifying fuel efficient cars, use of bio-fuels, correcting the engine designs or even using electric cars are great ways to reduce emissions. Preferring walking, cycling and transportation by bus, train can also help to prevent global warming. Organizing carpools can also be a good method that can be done to reduce emissions.

In home people can try to conserve energy and electricity thus helping to prevent global warming. Switching to CFL bulbs which uses less energy and a longer life time can reduce the electricity usage. Reducing the usage of heaters and coolers can also help. Switching of electronics and other appliances which are not in use, replacing old appliance with less energy consuming goods can also help to prevent global warming. Alternative power sources like solar energy generators for homes is a good way to make sure that you are getting your power from means that are good for your earth.

Global warming is also caused due to less knowledge about it. Therefore awareness should be provided mainly to children and those in the factories so that they can also think about ways to conserve energy and to prevent the global warming. The future generation must be encouraged and taught to save the earth, our habitat. The media has a major role to play in making people understand the importance of global warming and its concerns. Only a collected effort by the entire humanity can reduce the global warming, which is a deep rooted problem. Global warming cannot be removed suddenly but many of the measures mentioned above if followed by an individual can contribute to reducing and preventing the global warming. Together we can make things happen and it is up to each of us to ensure that we take all steps to reduce global warming for us and for our future generation.

Source by Carl Ganser

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