Pick the Right Tool for Aluminium Name Plates

A name plate creates a far-reaching dimension and a premium look for your brand. The name of your company is brought to life in the final stage of manufacturing a name plate. Text, logos and borders are raised with crisp detail in the name plates and rounded edges to meet your design assumption.

There are many substrates for designing metal name plates by name plate manufacturers, aluminium being the most common substrate. Aluminium name plates are manufactured with the help of hard tools. It can be as simple as a blank die or as complex as embossing. It is used in cutting flat parts, multi-level embossing and form operations as well. Understanding the basic information about these tools will help the aluminium name plate manufacturers in designing name plates.

Simple tool – Blank dies

Stamping aluminium will have a minimum blank operation, it involves hardened metal coming together in punch press. This cuts the aluminium according to the design specification. The hole is easily punched when the blank is cut. The final design requires a separate tool for hole depending on the operation steps. Tolerance should be used for the registration of graphics in the blank name plates. It is subject to change based on the name plate chosen.

Graphic involved – Emboss dies

In order to make their name plates attractive, name plate manufacturers choose emboss dies. A custom tool is required to create raised areas, text or graphics. Emboss dies allows your design to show detailed specification of a particular area or draws unique attention to your logo. The emboss tool and its operation are different from blank operations and requires exact registration for decoration graphics.

Embossing can be one-level, where each embossing feature is raised to the same height. Multilevel, dimension and beveled embossing are available for more detailed specification. The registration is set perfectly with the help of die trails before the stock decoration is scheduled. This ensures quality products.

Add height – Form dies

It is desirable to have a product stand up from the surface area. It looks more elegant and professional. Aluminium Name plate manufacturers choose form dies to create an attractive look with finished edges. Aluminium has a formed over edge that provides illusion of much thicker parts, keeping the weight and raw materials cost cut down.

Conclusion –

Understanding the basic information of tooling options, Aluminium name plate manufacturers can start their design. Keep in mind, more tooling options that reduce your complexity and initial investment to start up with your designing work.

Source by Ceena Thomas

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