What Is a Dromedary?

There are plenty of trucking terms that the average person doesn’t understand, but one that can be hard to figure out is “Dromedary.” The reason for this is that it’s also the name of a single-humped Arabian camel. Now, obviously truckers aren’t strapping camels to their rigs (though I’ll let you imagine that for a bit), but they are doing something reminiscent of camels.

Every state has their own on limit the length of trailers, so coming up with additional storage space can be key for truckers so that they can maximize each and every haul they make. For properly designed trucks, an addition to the tractor portion of the truck can allow for extra storage without increasing what the state counts as the length of the trailer. So what can this allow you to do?

The nice thing about Dromedaries is that they can be modified to do a variety of things based on the needs of the trucker and the cargo they’re hauling. In some cases Droms (as they’re colloquially called) can be converted into living space to allow the driver to cook, sleep, and even shower during long haul trips while allowing them to save on hotels. This allows the drivers to maximize their time on the road without having to work around the schedules of hotels and motels with set check in and check out times.

In the case of cargo, they’re even more versatile. Droms have been used to haul non-perishable food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated when the main trailer is a refrigerated unit that is filled with perishable foods. In the case of livestock, Droms can be used to carry hay and feed to give to the livestock during long hauls without having to arrange for stops to feed the livestock. Droms can even house fuel tanks, allowing drivers to carry even more cargo without going over the length limits of the states they’ll be driving through.

While the Dromedary may get it’s name from a camel, and rightfully so, they have quickly become integral to the ability of truckers to maximize each trip that they take. Whether allowing the carrying of extra cargo, supplies for the cargo, or just providing the driver with a place to sleep and refresh themselves at a rest stop, Droms are a great addition to the trucking industry and one that will be around for years to come.

Source by Steve Falco

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