Message From the Universe: Believe in What Doesn’t Exist, YET

“Straight from the fabled Akashic Records:

Time and Space is where you chase things you pretend you don’t have – love, friends, and abundance – while worrying about things you pretend you do have – problems, challenges, and issues. Until one day, you happen to notice the prophetic powers of pretending.

In case that helps any.


The Universe”

It is said that ” It is Not a lie if you believe it”. Obviously, that can be concerning for most, but this statement is real or factual for events that YOU personally believe it happen, even though it didn’t. If you start believing in things that you personally think it is true, is it really a lie per your standards? You can really say anything you want but your belief is what really matters. If you truly believe in something, or if you pretend it already happened, is that considered as a lie or just your ambitions? If you claim that you invented the cure of cancer and you know you are about to make it happen, how can that be perceived by the scientific community? Is it safe to move forward and state that fact publicly without having any significant proof to back up your claim? It might not be the greatest idea until it is certain that all samples tested have come out positive with your cure. Belief is a personal thing, make sure to keep it as such. However, what helps is pretending that this belief is occurring in your life, as we speak.

I heard of an example in the past that will demonstrate what I am trying to convey. A woman was complaining to her therapist that she wasn’t able to meet any man. She tried online dating, face to face meetings, blind dates, professional dating agency and nothing worked. The reason wasn’t because of any physical abnormalities, but because of her attitude and her belief. Let me explain. When the therapist visited her home, she noticed in her two car garage that she was parking her car in the middle of the garage, instead of either right or left. In her bedroom, she was occupying 99% of the closet even though, if well organized, her clothes can occupy one side of the closet. The therapist asked her what side of the bed does she sleeps in, she answered: “I prefer the middle, because there is no one there anyway, so why occupy only one side”. This is where it all clicked. The woman didn’t leave space in her mind to accept someone coming into her life. She eliminated the possibility of this happening because of her belief that it will NOT happen, hence, acting as she is alone and no need to allow space in her life for anyone. The Therapist suggested to do something interesting. First, she needed to start parking her car on one side of the garage, not in the middle. Her closet had to be reorganized so if anyone do come into her life, she will have designated space for his clothes. She had to start focusing on sleeping on one side of the bed, even if the other side is left empty. She had to pretend someone was there even though her dream man didn’t exist yet. After a few months of changing her attitude, her life changed when she met the man of her dream at a place she regularly attended but never was mentally free of allowing someone to come into her life. Her perception changed, hence, her life followed. By believing in yourself and pretending it has already happen, the Universe will work in your advantage and will make things happen the way you predicted. Try it, it will work!

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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