Is It Really Game on With Ladbrokes? A Review of Their Featured Bets and Sign-Up Bonus

Whether you’ve ever placed a bet with a high street bookmaker or prefer to have an on-line bet, you are sure to have come across Ladbrokes who date back to the early 19th century. It’s therefore likely you will have seen their ‘Game On’ sports betting advertising campaign on TV, but does it live up to the hype?

In this article we will have a look at Ladbrokes featured sports bets and what they are all about and the value they have to offer to you:

• ‘In-play’ – This is one of the main features on the current Ladbrokes adverts. If you are unfamiliar with in-play betting; in brief it enables you to, unlike traditional sports betting, place bets as a game goes on and events such as time, goals and sending offs which affect the odds. This gives you the opportunity, by using your football knowledge, to spot ‘value bets’ that may not have been available at kick-off.

Although this is most certainly a useful feature in itself, it’s not unique to Ladbrokes. What is good is that Ladbrokes offer 90+ in-play betting options so there are always opportunities to find a value bet as the football match you have chosen progresses. Another good feature is the ease of use. The in-play section is easily found at the top of the left side bar and once selected the list of games and betting markets is clearly displayed.

• ‘Goal Rush’ – This is Ladbrokes prominent football bet. The beauty of Goal Rush is its simplicity, which basically comes down to one question, yes or no. So how does it work? You pick at least three football matches and answer whether you think both teams will score or not, the odds are cumulative and so the more games you choose in your bet the higher the odds and potential return will be.

• ‘Up to 30% Free Bonus’ – Additionally Ladbrokes are offering up to a 30% free bonus on all accumulator bets. This bonus starts at 5% for three games and goes up to a maximum of 30% for nine games or more. So you get rewarded with higher odds and a bigger free bonus for taking the risk of a more unlikely accumulator. There is, however, plenty of football stats websites out there to help you bring the odds slightly back in your favour if you are willing to do your research.

Like all the main on-line bookmakers, Ladbrokes, has more than just sports betting to offer. You can also find all the usual casino games, bingo, slots, poker and believe it or not virtual horse and dog racing! There is also an intuitive mobile phone app, that allows you to easily logon and access the majority of features from the website while on-the-go.

To make Ladbrokes a more attractive proposition they are also offering new customers, upon sign-up, a free bet up to £50 based on the amount of their first bet. To find out more on how to claim the Ladbrokes free £50 bet bonus please see below.

Source by Will C Myles

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