How to Clean the Oil From a New Helmet, Armor, Or Sword

Helmets, armor, and even some swords will often come coated in oil when you receive it in the mail. The oil helps to prevent rust, tarnishing and corrosion while shipping the item. This is a good way to protect item when not in use, but you don’t want to get oil all over you when you are using it. For this reason you may want to remove the oil.

How to clean off the oil

The best way to remove this oil is using lacquer thinner to clean it off then letting it air dry. You can then test it with a cotton cloth to see if you’ve gotten off all of the oil. You are now ready to use your item! You should be careful though to try to avoiding touching the metal as much as possible. The oil from your hands isn’t good for metal and can lead to corrosion.

Storing your item

Since helmets, armor, and swords that are not made from stainless steel are prone to rust, it is recommended that you recoat the item if you are going to store it for any extended amount of time. A coat of WD-40 should work well if you don’t have anything else. WD-40 isn’t the best thing you can use though. There are special oils you can buy for your swords and armor. These are often called gun oil or sword oil and they have the benefit of not drying out. WD-40 can dry out leaving your items unprotected.

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