Frost Death Knight Leveling Build for Cataclysm

The Death Knight is a very powerful class when played correctly, but you won’t get to end game to experience that without the proper Frost Death Knight Leveling Build. Read on and I’ll share with you a few lesser known secrets to unlock the real potential of your class.

Why choose a Frost Death Knight Leveling Build?

Frost offers you extremely powerful burst damage. This is very desirable quality for both leveling and questing, bringing you a higher average experience per hour than other specs. In addition, a Frost Death Knight Leveling Build is very powerful in Dungeon DPS if you choose to level that way. Other factors that make this an excellent choice is flexibility in weapons. No other DK spec allows for dual wielding weapons. The down side, is that you have to specifically choose to either dual wield, or use 2-handed weapons. This opens up lots of weapon choices for you that you may have otherwise overlooked. In addition to the flexibility, the Frost tree’s burst damage can’t be compared to any other DK spec. Obliterate is the highest damaging Death Knight ability, and the Frost Death Knight Leveling Build revolves around this ability. In addition, Howling Blast is possibly the most powerful AoE in your Arsenal. Combined with the extra Runic Power regeneration, Powerful Frost strikes, and free Howling Blasts from Rime, you have a very powerful strategy.

Strategy for your Frost Death Knight Leveling Build

This is where things get a little difficult to explain. Frost DK’s have a very complicated rotation and priority system. You can burn down individual mobs in under three seconds, and small groups in great time. However, you have to know how to prioritize everything. For example, diseases should always be up. Frost Fever will always be up due to Rime, but it is hard to fit Plague Strike into your rotation. Killing Machine procs should be used immediately, and you should use them on Obliterates whenever available. Rime procs are prioritized right after Killing Machine. Use these as essentially free damage and runic power. Frost Strike is the lowest priority, and only to be used to dump Runic Power when Obliterate is not available, and Rime is not up.

Gear for a Frost Death Knight Leveling Build

You will be wearing Plate armor, and depending on your spec, you will equip either a 2-handed weapon, or you will dual wield 1-handed weapons. You want them to be slow, with high end damage. Strength is your primary damage stat, and will contribute directly to your damage dealt. Next you want to make sure that Hit is at least 5% so your special attacks don’t miss. After that, haste is your best friend until level 80. Faster weapon swings means more Killing Machine procs and Runic Power generation for 2-handed spec. Mastery is a great stat because of a huge buff to Frost Fever, Howling Blast, and Frost Strike. Crit is not too important since you get auto crits from Killing Machine, but it can buff your Howling Blasts for AoE pulls.

Source by Tim Parisi

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