Blame it on Mars

There are two facets for deficiency of sex; physical and mind. When either of them or any one of them afflicted, it causes a disease in the mind with respect to sex. This disease may be caused by Mars who is not well posited in a horoscope. It may not be to the extent of causing impotency. The mind and the body both which are otherwise required to do some useful works, waste time in too much material things such as looks, limbs and colour. A person is attracted to the opposite sex of either too young or too old. The colour , body parts such as feet, limbs, back , breasts, face or anything for that matter becomes attractive including an awkward body .

There is no discretion in getting attracted. He starts day-dreaming that woman in his bed. That a person is easily provocated by slightest distractions. Mars is the cause for such ailment. Mars holds the key to sexual drive. First Mars creates sexual urge in a person. Then he separates the person who is cause for such attraction . If separation is not there, at least He creates ill-harmony . Mars is masculine. Venus is feminine. Just as Sun and Moon form king-queen set up, Mars and Venus do it. A person needs Love.Since it is constructive. Because if one is satisfied in Love, that person concentrates on Work; Next on achievements.

When Mars and Venus are well-posited in a horoscope, the Coitus is complete. That is the greatest pleasure in life. When the Coitus is incomplete, the urge to get it , increases. This urge due to dis-satisfaction in Love, give rise to distractions as opposed to concentration. Frigidity, Premature-ejaculation , Even Sadism which are the causes of mental illness are the results of such in-completeness. Love, Work & Achievement in one’s life go together. Reich’s improvement to the Freud’s Libido Theory holds good. This is again the process of achievement of Sat, Chit and Ananda ( bliss ). A good conduct produces a healthy mind; A healthy mind creates Pleasure (Ananda). For all this the blessings of Mars and Venus are necessary.

Adhyaya II, Verse 3 of Phaladeepika of Mantreshwara,[ Translated by S.S.Sareen ] reads like this : Mars is the Karaka of mental and physical strength, all that grows in the Earth, well-being of the brothers and sisters, cruelty, battle field, courage, enmity, kitchen fire, gold, kindred, weapons, thieves, enemies, zest, adultery, falsehood, manliness, large-heartedness, wickedness, wound and injury, and army command.

In a Horoscope, when the Mars is ill-posited , such as dusthana, Kendras, since he is a natural malefic, or aspected by Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, and/or Mars aspecting these naturally malefic planets, theft, injury, wound, enmity, adultery, wickedness, mental and physical weakness, etc., show their presence predominantly in the life of that person. Mars being Karaka of sex, adultery and mental weakness, the person is always reverberating with the feeling of sex dreaming. There is no reason and rationality in falling to the opposite sex. One classic example of Yashodhara Charitre, the queen there falls for a servant who was a horse-cleaner.

The queen would tolerate even the beating by such a person. At that moment, the status and honour are given away for the sake of sexual pleasure. The person in whose horoscope, the Mars is ill-posited, such person always be thinking of the looks of physical body. On the positive side, Mars is kind, benevolent, a disciplinarian. To those who are disciplined in their life, or to those whom Mars is well-positioned, he yields easily and grants all the bounty to such persons. It is always advised to pray for Mars through his deity Hanuman or Skanda.. In Tantric Yoga, to increase Tejas, Mantra worship of Skanda, and Rudra , the terrible form of Shiva are suggested. Bhoo-Chakra or Earth Chakra represents Tejas.

There is an example of Mars causing separation, though Mars is not a separative planet, unless he be in 12th.

Considering Horoscope of Sriramachandra In the Horoscope of Lord Rama Avatar, whose ascendant is Cancer, Mars is posited in 7th house of Capricorn. Even though Mars is not a separative planet [ Sun, Saturn Rahu, Ketu and Lord of 12th ], brought about separation of Rama with his wife Sita, augmenting the power of 7th house, whose Lord is Saturn, a separative planet. Mars re-united Sita and Rama , through a war only (Mars content). Mars being the Lord of 5th house,[Scorpio is the negative house of Mars ] which stands for issues and children, for which Jupiter is Karaka, Lord Rama’s sons are separated from him and even fought a battle ( Mars content ) with their father. [ For in-depth analysis , see, This Author’s Book of Articles : Horoscope of Rama Avatar].

When Saturn causes separation, there is detachment , anguish, petulancy about the person separated. Even separation forgotten in case of separation by death. When Rahu causes separation, there is illusion or some other cause. Some other attraction may cause separation by forgetfulness of the dear ones. When Ketu causes separation, there is helplessness. This may be due to inevitable and near impossible situations such as paralysis of the body. But when Mars causes separation, there is more attachment, more attractions. The separation is caused due to attachment. The separation is caused due to reasons of too much attachment .

Mars is war-monger. Whenever he is strong and badly posited, there ensues war. The earlier World Wars indicate a strong Mars influence. A person is haughty, ferocious and would not listen to reason. What about President Bush of America ? A classic example of war-mongering. The very presence of a Mars person creates fire in atmosphere. Such a person creates anxiety neurosis, due to his Libido. The atmosphere as well as the associates feel the anxiety neurosis. Anxiety is created whenever the greed is not full-filled. The void created between the greed (id) and the achievement or full-fillment spreads in the atmosphere. Others become tense , feel not easy. Anxiety is created because, there is a gap between the work and achievements. The anxiety is also created whenever the body and mind act in different directions.

By understanding Mars, we can adjust our way of life and inculcate discipline. Mars is a hard master, but benevolent. He is kind and bountiful to the disciplined. Of course, there is a lack of discipline in this life full of struggles for material things. Worship Mars as directed in the other article About Mars, follow discipline and meaning in every thing , you can see miracles in your life.

Source by Sreenivasamurthy Kubatoor

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