Your Billiard Pool Cue – A Weapon of Choice Against Zombies

Zombies are everywhere! More humans are becoming full course meals each and every day. People are being eaten by the thousands, as the undead population continues to rise more and more rapidly. In my last correspondence, I described how to build up some defenses in your billiard room to protect yourself against an oncoming onslaught of undead. You are aware, however, that you cannot stay in your billiard room (or other safe house) forever. Even if you continue to use your billiard room as a hold-up, you still have to eventually leave for food, weapons, supplies, even allies. When you venture out, you are going to need protection against the obvious. If you are leaving from your billiard room, take your pool cue.

Cue sticks make great tactical weapons against the undead, especially in hand-to-hand combat, as a pool cue is extremely light and versatile. They come in various lengths and weights, but all are light enough for even the smallest person to swing with deadly speed and accuracy. A two-piece pool cue is favored over a one-piece for a couple of reasons. First, you can always keep your two-piece screwed together as a one-piece cue stick if you choose, but if you need two sticks, that option is available, also. Once you break a one-piece cue stick in half (two sticks are preferred if fighting off multiple zombies, creating leverage to lift things, and so on) you cannot put attach it back together if you need the extra reach.

Most two-piece pool cues, whether they are made of wood or graphite, contain a metal screw fitting where the two pieces of the cue stick join together, which may be used as a wedging or leverage device. Although the two-piece pool cue does not compare to the crowbar, which is the most preferred and accessible weapon against zombie flesh), the pool cue’s metal fitting can be used to pry open small doors and windows. Just be careful! Damaging the fitting may cause the inability to reconnect the two pieces. Also, the metal fitting is stronger and will withstand more damage than your pool cue tip, which should already be sharpened to a sharp point before leaving your billiard room or safe house. And the tip of your cue should be used only on undead flesh. Breaking windows, prying open doors, and the like will only dull your pool cue tip, or, even worse, break it off completely, limiting the use of your primary, or only, weapon.

Find a pool cue quickly if you want help staying alive – and learn how to use it. Graphite pool cues are more durable than wooden ones, although the wooden cue stick with a sharpened tip is better for zombie brain stabs. And again, if you can find a long crow bar, and as long as you are strong enough to swing it and not tire, then use it. You should still acquire a billiard pool cue as soon as possible, perhaps as a secondary weapon. Even if you do not own a billiard room, many other places exist in which to find a cue stick. Billiard halls, bars, and sporting goods stores are all good places to start. If places like that are tapped out, then try the more obscure places, like Lions Clubs, VFW Halls, and church rec rooms. And watch your back when going outdoors. When you leave the safety of your own billiard room, home, attic, or any other safe house, you leave yourself more vulnerable to zombie attacks. Take your pool cue with you. If not, then make sure you find something else to use that will equally suffice to ward off the undead, else you will become one of them. As long as I have breath, I will do what I can to provide vital, life-saving information to our dwindling numbers for protection against the living dead. More correspondence to follow…

Source by Matt Warmann

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