Xtrology Looks at Michael Jackson’s Death

Michael Jackson is a Virgo, but because his Sun, Pluto and Mercury are in the 12th House of Pisces, he has a very Piscean air about him. It accounts for his gentle spirit and kindness. Pisces are also known for their ability to see things the way they want to see them – not necessarily the reality the rest of us see.

With Jupiter (the lucky planet) in his 2nd House of Money, money came to him very easily. He also had the planet that rules Pisces, Neptune, there – so more delusion. His spending habits were not always consistent with the amount of money he had.

With Moon in the 6th House of Work, he was very emotionally connected to his work, and it gave him great pleasure.

I predicted on December 23, 2008 that Michael Jackson had the dreaded progressed Mars square. Using the method of secondary progressions to make predictions, Mars is the planet that will throw your life into chaos. Rarely does this aspect take place without a corresponding event that is life altering.

In Michael’s case, I had heard gossip that he had a genetic lung problem and because his Mars is in the sign of Gemini that rules lungs, I thought that was definitely a possibility, a problem with his lungs. But what I could be sure about was that if he had a health problem, it was going to be a serious one.

In order for a death to occur, there has to be Pluto involvement. Many times this will come from the transiting Pluto, but in Michael’s case his progressed Mars was squaring his natal Pluto (the placement he was born with). When someone is this young, death is not the first thing an astrologer would suggest. But if Michael were my client, I would inquire about his health and tell him that it would be important to use great care, especially if he told me he had health issues. If he told me he was using a sleeping aid that was dangerous, I would tell him it could kill him.

Astrologers aren’t psychic and we have to use the information we have in conjunction with the circumstances of your life which are a series of hills and valleys. Using astrology, you can map out these times and know when everything will go your way and when everything you do will go wrong. To a person who wants to be successful or is starting a new project, this information can be crucial to the ability to obtain success.

Michael Jackson’s death, most likely, could have been avoided if he had known the seriousness of the time period he was in. The same is true, perhaps, for Farrah Fawcett. She kicked cancer when Pluto was in Sagittarius, but when it moved to Capricorn, it opposed (bad) her Moon (which rules cancer and was in the sign of Cancer). So how she handled her life between her remission and the reocurrence was crucial to whether she lived or died.

Lindsey Lohan has progressed Sun (yourself) square Pluto (death) beginning November 2010. She needs to start taking care of herself now. Pluto is also transformation.

Source by Melanie Myers

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