Xbox Kinect – The First Step Into the Future of Simulation

The buzz is heightening in terms of the new revolutionary innovation from Microsoft known as the Xbox Kinect. To put it simple, the Kinect is an add-on to Xbox or Xbox 360 which are already famous as gaming consoles from Microsoft. Kinect uses a cutting edge technology that eliminates the use of a game controller. It enhances the gaming experience to a higher level by actually capturing every move you make to correspond and interact to the game that you are playing. Kinect is like a webcam, uses photography to watch and capture your every move, from a simple twist of the head to a raving dance step, these movements cannot be spared from the view of the Kinect.

The Present Xbox Kinect

The thought of playing a console without actually using a controller may have not crossed the minds of console developers before but, with the emergence of Xbox Kinect, things have changed. Even prior to its release the rave is already high. There are already plenty of Kinect video games lined up for the holidays which will bring total interpersonal gaming experience to the household. Games like Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures and Kinectimals are just a few of the games that would surely be instant hits for everyone. Kinect accessories for proper mounting and safety are also filling the shelfs as well. Will the technology behind the Xbox Kinect remain in the gaming world only? The answer is no.

The Future of Kinect Technology

With this innovation and the technology behind Xbox Kinect there are plenty of other possibilities that it can harness to affect everyone’s existence. In the field of medicine for example, doctors can use the technology to perform more complex surgeries by using this type of technology. Accurate gestures to achieve more accurate results are not far from reality. Driving, flying and any other forms of simulation will be less expensive and more practical. Nuclear testing may become a lot safer with this technology. Space travel, counter terrorism, architecture, culinary arts, travel and even the virtual reality realm can benefit to the leap that Kinect has offered humanity.

Xbox Kinect is the first step in bridging the divide between the integration of humans and modern technology. The possibilities are countless, this goes to show that Xbox Kinect will not be bound to gaming only but may stretch out to the game of life as well.

Source by Wilhelm Crackford

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