World of Warcraft Item Report – The Rocket Launcher Vs the Gnomish Poultryizer

The Engineers in the world of Warcraft can choose between being a Goblin Engineers and being a Gnomish Engineer. After you choose your path you will be able to learn how to make different items.

One of the final items in every profession is a strong trinket that can be made and use only by the character with this profession. Engineers have the Gnomish verses Goblin path, and each path has its unique trinket. Lets compare the two:

  • Rocket launcher (R.S) range is 45 yards, the Gnomish Poultryizer (G.P) range is only 20 yards.
  • R.S have a 2 m minute in cool down, the G.P have 5 minute cool down.
  • R.S have 5 seconds cast, the G.P have only 1.5 seconds cast.
  • R.S can be used in Arena, the G.P can’t be used in Arena.
  • R.S does damage (960 to 1440, with a crit hit of over 3000 damage), the G.P will do no damage.
  • R.S is a great way to catch fleeing enemies, the G.P will not be the best thing for that (especially in P.V.P).
  • R.S has no failure, the G.P has been reported to fail 20% of the time (some report as it high as 80%).
  • R.S have 3 seconds stun on the target (you will be kicked down for 2 seconds) , the G.P will make the target (if not backfire to you) to a chicken, he can still melee attacks (reduces its damage by 66%) and no spell cast for up to 15 seconds (or first damage).

The two items have a 45 plus stamina on equipped, and the two have a nice visible effect. The Goblin Engineers get to learn the Rocket Launcher trinket in level 350, while the Gnomish Engineer get to learn the Gnomish Poultryizer trinket in level 340. Not to take sides but I think that the Launcher have a better use in most situation. One thing to remember is while the two items are expensive to make, the Rocket Launcher is much more gold consuming.

Source by Alon Pyade

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