Wings of Fire – The Success Journey

We should always remember that Success is not just a destination rather it’s a journey. Our life is of course not a bed of roses but a rack covered with thorns. As we move ahead, every drop of blood gives us the indication of how close we are in reaching our dreams.

A Life of Significance

Dr. A.P. J Abdul Kalaam, our former President has lived a life of value and significance instead of just surviving for the mere human needs. Every moment of life was full of pulse of passion and emotional emancipation. In his experimental biography, he is portrayed as a man of nature. He has got a gift of diversified talents in sync with every aspect of life. People ought to believe in real life experience rather than on verbal intonations. This mortal personality has generated an immortal history of success behind his name.

Failure is the Pillar of Success

Little did the South Indian lad knew what future is in lay for him while leading a humble life selling newspapers for carrying out his expenses. His father had a humble way of leading his life though he possessed immense knowledge about the philosophy of life and spirituality as a whole. Every minor obstacle in Kalam’s life proved to be a boon for his future success. Even when he grew up, he missed his biggest dream of joining Air Force which led him to a local “sadhu” residing at Banaras. This heavenly interaction changed the entire course of his life. He learned the biggest lesson of life – how to use the remains of destruction and failure as seed to the future success. After the successful launch of “Agni” missile, this phenomenal rocket scientist could easily raise his collar to say – “If You Think You Can, You Can”.

The Multi-dimension in Kalam’s Personality

If you read through the pages of the book “Wings of Fire – The Success Journey”, one cannot miss out the rare combination of personality traits imbibed in this iconic figure. It is amazing how profound this man is in his idea about spirituality, philosophy of life, science as a whole, human psychology and what not! He is adept in communication skills and general management coupled with excellent balance between work and life.

Source by Sourav Dasgupta

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