Why Use a Foam Sword?

Why use a foam sword?

When it comes to fighting within LARP, Martial Arts and Fencing or even within movies, foam swords have become the #1 weapon of choice. Foam sword fighting has been around for at least 21 years and it has been developed and refined and perfected over those years. With foam sword fighting, no protective clothing is needed, and the style is more like how a knight might fight with a weapon and shield.

Why should I choose a foam sword over a replica sword?

Choosing a foam blade as a practice sword is great when it comes to learning new skills and techniques while still providing the safety of a practice replica. Practice swords made of quality rubber foam help you master the ancient techniques of self defense.

These practice foam blades have the look and feel of the real thing. Now you can practice your sword techniques and learn new skills without the hazards or expenses of using real steel swords. It is easy for most inexperienced LARPERS or fighting enthusiasts to confuse a foam sword with a Boffer sword. Boffers are handmade swords that use PCV piping, foil and duct tape. These types of swords can inflict harm if not used properly.

Martial arts practitioners, re-enactors and stunt people all require equipment to maintain their skills and they prefer to use foam swords within their day to day use for practical and safety reasons.

Who uses Foam Swords?


Live Action Role Playing, otherwise known as LARP is a role-playing game where a characters actions are physically and mentally acted out. Each character creates a persona that fits into an imaginary role within the game setting. Within each game, various weaponry, costumes and settings are used. Rules and regulations are quickly changing within the LARP games and safety of the participants is paramount. That is why foam swords are quickly becoming the blade of choice during the various fighting scenes.


When it comes to developing basic fencing skills, most beginners will choose to use a foam weapon over real fencing foil. Foam fencing foils help to develop basic fencing skills without having to invest in all of the real fencing equipment.


Foam swords for children make an excellent toy; they are safe and fun to play with, parent approved and leave no marks on the child’s skin. Foam swords and shields have been created with realistic role-play in mind and have been designed and developed for safe playtime fun for all ages from Preschool up. Whether it is a budding Robin Hood, Knight of the Round table or a fearless dragon slaying adventures, children can enjoy the make believe fun that foam swords and shields are designed for.

Martial Arts

Foam weapons are often used in fights more akin to martial arts tournaments. These tournaments tend to resemble historical reenactment combat but will require less protective gear. Foam weapons are also used in many sport-like battle games.


Foam weapons are also commonly used in Chambara – the Japanese Sword Fighting Movie. The Chambara actor must be skilled in a variety of weapons, striving to become overly animated in their application. Learning to fight with foam weapons has become a Chambara specialty. Swords, firearms, and improvised weapons become a natural part of the Chambara actor’s arsenal.

SCA Sports

SCA or Society for Creative Anachronism will use foam rapiers within their fencing practices. During their melees a real rapier is used, but in order to pass the SCA judges authorizations, knowledge and demonstration of safety must first be challenged. For these reasons, participants in the SCA will use foam rapiers during practice to improve their skills.

For a superior foam weapon [http://calimacil.com/blog/2008/09/why-use-a-foam-sword] for use in any marital art, sport or LARP setting, there is a Canadian company who specialize in creating foam weapons that are superior in durability, realistic looking weapons, maintenance free, weather resistant and latex free.

Source by Steena Holmes

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