Why Are We Here? The Fringe Paranormal Folks Chime In

The age old question of why are we here has been asked by philosophers for as long as humankind had the capacity of higher-level thought. And there are many fringe theories that are outside the mainstream evolutionary science or any of the popularized World religions. Indeed, there are many interesting areas of thought and Sci Fi concepts around this them.

Let me discuss a few of the fringe theories of why we are here, how we got here and what on Earth this is all about.

One cool fringe theory was that Earth is a traveling pod to preserve life, a stable planet in a stable solar system, on the outskirts of a galaxy, thus, it is like the “seed bank” stored underground that humans have created to protect against world catastrophe and would allow the re-seeding of crops to feed who is left in that event?

Another cool fringe theory is that “earth” is a playground for sentient energy beings to enjoy a “life experience” which is kind of a cool Sci Fi idea. A virtual reality entertainment center if you will?

Other fringe theories are that extra-terrestrials are not that, rather live here, underground, under the ocean or in a different time period, sharing this planet or space. This is a fun theory, because it speaks to the interaction of other species.

The best fringe theory I enjoyed was the Matrix. In fact, it really makes you think doesn’t it.

Perhaps, it is good to have the fringe folks and Sci Fi writers out there thinking of this stuff, because it sure makes life interesting. I hope I have given you something to think about today and I wish you well.

Source by Lance Winslow

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