Where to Find Storm Shutters for Winter Blizzards

You’ve done everything that you can do to winterize your home and get ready for those winter storms: Weather-stripped your doors, caulked windows, and you’ve trimmed back your trees and got rid of dead limbs. You’ve even wrapped your pipes to make sure nothing freezes during those cold winter blizzards. But now you think you want to put storm shutters on your windows to protect your home even further from that harsh winter weather. Where do you find winter storm shutters?

Winter storm shutters are the same as those used to protect homes during hurricanes and tropical storms. They cover your windows and doors and keep you safe from the high winds, ice, and heavy snow of winter, just as they would protect you from rain, missile impacts, and high winds during tropical storms.

These shutters are wind-rated and impact missile tested, and this is to your benefit during a winter blizzard just as it would be during a hurricane. During blizzards, wind gusts can reach hurricane force, and objects thrown by the storm are just as damaging as they would be during any other storm. When a winter storm is imminent, they can be closed in a matter of minutes and the safety of your home is accomplished quickly and with minimal effort.

There are some added advantages to adding these to your home as well; heat loss is kept to a minimum when they are installed on your home. No matter how well you caulk and insulate, there is always going to be some air-flow around the windows. Storm shutters are an added barrier against the cold weather, and additional barriers equal less heat loss. This lowers your utility bills (always a plus) and makes heating your home more efficient.

Any company that sells hurricane shutters can install winter storm shutters on your home. Make sure to choose a reputable company; research them thoroughly, and read the reviews on their sites and elsewhere. There are many to choose from; storm shutters come in a variety of styles and colors, and can be custom-fit to any window or door, no matter the size or odd shape.

If you are searching for winter storm shutters to install on your home before that first big blizzard comes, look for a company that sells hurricane shutters, even if you are not on the coast or in an area that gets harsh weather from tropical storms. These companies service any area, and they know that they can be useful during winter blizzards as well as storms during warmer weather. Install storm shutters on your home before that next big blizzard hits you, and keep you and your home safe from the storm.

Source by Barbara Mack

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