What Linden Method Shares With BF Skinner

So, what does The linden Method share with B.F. Skinner? One very critical aspect operant conditioning. B.F Skinner is one of Americas greatest Behaviorists (1904-1990). He believed human behavior could be modified through reinforcement. Skinner believed his discovery could be applied to a wide range of both human and animal behaviors. You are probably wondering what does all that have to do with Linden Method. This method successfully utilizes Skinner’s operant conditioning. Charles Linden, the creator of the Linden Method, found a proven way to rid you of all your panic and anxiety forever.

Operant conditioning is the idea that learning is a function of change in overt behavior. Changes in behavior are the direct result of a persons response to experiences that occur around them. A response then produces a consequence. A positive response can be strengthened through reinforcement and conditioning. Mr. Linden firmly believes that anxiety is not an illness and it can be unlearned.

Charles Linden and B.F Skinner both share the belief that reinforcement is a critical key to operant conditioning. A reinforcement can be anything that fortifies a requested response. With the Linden Method, your good days are strengthened while your bad days are dissolved.

This type of conditioning has been applied in and out of classrooms. Today, operant conditioning has been applied to behavior modification. It has been proven to treat many problems in both children and adults. It has been successfully proven to treat obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity, phobia, and a few others. The Linden Method taps into your mind and will remove any and all panic, anxiety and phobia you may be battling with.

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up everyday and feel fantastic? Let me tell you, it feels great. If you were to ask my husband he would probably be jumping for joy. This is not a dream, you too can feel good again. Thank you B.F Skinner and your brilliant mind; and to Charles Linden who one day found a way to apply Skinner’s principles to curing anxiety.

Source by Selina M. Saver

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