What Is a Dangerous Job?

Danger has a broad definition. Every person sees danger in a different way, so defining a dangerous job is difficult, and will not be totally accurate.

Dangerous jobs are considered by many people and organizations to be jobs that have high fatality rates. This is a good and simple rule of thumb, and is good as a basic method of defining a dangerous job.

Others may consider a job involving high risk as dangerous, even if it has a low fatality rate – because the risk, and potential of getting injured is high.

However, dangerous jobs are dangerous due to several factors, and a high fatality rate or risky occupation doesn’t cover all of the dangerous and extreme jobs out there.

Some of the factors that can determine if a job is dangerous can be overlooked, and not be taken into consideration.So, we will view several factors that relate to dangerous jobs, in order to establish a more fitting definition.

Dangerous jobs will usually have some or all of these factors:

1. Fatalities: The higher the fatality rate, the more dangerous the job. A good example are fisherman. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, this job is the most dangerous in America, as it has the highest fatality rate.

2. Risk: Some jobs are very risky, but proper safety measures, strict regulations or highly trained and skilled employees keep the fatality rate low – although the risk is still high. Air craft carrier operations personnel are a good example, as they operate in probably the most dangerous work environment on earth, but suffer low fatality rates due to the high amount of training each sailor receives, and strict safety regulations.

3. Safety: Some jobs are dangerous because they lack proper safety procedures. Proper safety procedures, and implementation of these procedures and practices could lower the fatality and injury rate.

4. Medical assistance is far away: Close medical assistance can determine life or death. Some work environments are far from any medical assistance, and injuries can turn into fatalities simply because help is to far away.

5. Extreme conditions: Extreme weather, machinery, environment or even an extreme responsibility can turn any normal job into a dangerous undertaking. Air traffic controllers a responsible fro thousands of lives a day, and skyscraper window cleaners clean windows – but dozens or hundreds of meters in the air.

So, after observing all those points,a proper definition for a dangerous job is: “A job / profession that has an above average potential to cause harm to the person practicing it”

This definition covers all aspects, taking into consideration aspects and factors that some may not consider, but do effect the danger levels of jobs.

Source by Steve G King

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