What Are the Best Ways to Start a Business With Very Little Start-Up Capital?

Starting and running a small business is certainly an American tradition. Even today, with the advent of the mega-corporation, small businesses are still responsible for the creation of the vast majority of jobs for the American economy. One of the reasons for this job-creation machine is the sheer number of small businesses that have proliferated and thrived in the Land Of Opportunity.

It’s only natural and logical that you would want to be a part of this self-employed and self-directed segment of our population, no matter your social strata, whether you’re currently employed (or not) or your background and skills.

But the fact remains true that traditional entrepreneurship requires a boatload of start-up capital to get your business off the ground. Buildings, merchandise and inventory, capital equipment and employees only complicate matters as you plan your new business venture. All that – and a wad of cash to get the wheels rolling.

But, is there another way to approach the issue – another way to get your entrepreneurial feet wet without having access to the wealth and riches required to get a conventional business off the ground?

There is, and welcome to the new age of business – the Internet.

With something as modern and powerful as today’s Internet, even the most financially challenged businessman (and woman) starts out with equal opportunity to realize their dream of owning their own business. If you have access to a reliable computer and an internet connection, you have the gateway to success and riches beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is seize the moment.

As in any business, customers are customers. And you depend upon customers to purchase something – that’s how you will build your business and profits. The huge difference between an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar business and an internet-based business is the number of potential customers. In your town, how many potential customers will there be? 50,000? 100,000? 500,000? These are certainly big numbers, but the internet can offer the potential of more than 1.6 billion customers!

All you have to do is reach them and solve their problems! Then you cash in with your own small business – the small business with over a billion customers!

If you have never started a business before, but really want to start one, this is a question you may ask – what are the best ways to start a business with very little start-up capital?If you’re thinking traditional business start-ups, with a store front or office and employees and inventory, then you may want to think again – this method of entrepreneurship can be very costly and is out of reach for all but the most dedicated, and those with access to capital.

What about the rest of us who want to start a small business, but don’t have the funds needed for an old-fashioned start-up?

Think online or internet businesses. Popular and proven internet business models such as internet marketing and affiliate marketing have been providing good incomes for many folks for years. Strategies for making a living using only your computer (and your brains) are legitimate and very common – and can be very profitable and rewarding.

Forget about locations, buildings, employees and inventory – think of a home office with a computer, a printer and your own comfortable work chair. No commuting, no expensive (and fattening) lunches and no pesky boss micromanaging your day!

What are the best internet business models that I can build my small business with? Only imagination will limit the number if internet-based businesses available today, but there are several stellar examples that I’d recommend to you.

The two that have the least barriers to entry and a huge profit potential is internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Internet marketing and affiliate marketing require little to no money to start and are business models that can be easily scaled as your skills develop and your market expands. Thanks to the power of computer automation and instant communications, the possibility exists for you to build your business to unbelievable levels – all by yourself!

While I’ve concentrated on the differences between internet-based and conventional, heavy capital-based business models, there remains one thing in common – getting customers into your “store.” You will need to educate yourself on how search engines can work to your benefit, but it isn’t complicated and there’s plenty of information for the taking!

It is certainly possible – and probable – that you can start an internet marketing or an affiliate marketing business with incredibly little cash outlays, and expect this business to provide a substantial income in less time than you’d think!

Source by Trevor St. James

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