Weekly Review: Soul Eater

Soul Eater is a very interesting anime, without saying anything about it, I can tell you that it is pretty much the perfect anime to do an AMV for the “This is Halloween” song. Pretty much every single time I start watching an episode and the opening theme comes on, I imagine that song. No joke. So what is Soul Eater? Well, it is an action, comedy, and drama anime series that takes place in a city called, you guessed it, Death City! The city is watched over and ruled by Lord Death himself, and his trusty death scythes.

Lord Death, many ages ago, established a school in this city, called Death Weapon Meister Academy. Just as it sounds, it is a school for young meisters and weapons. A meister is a person who has the special ability to be able to bond, and wield a weapon. A weapon, is a person that can literally transform their body into some sort of weapon. The ultimate goal for these students is to pair up, meister and weapon, and go out hunting kishin and witch souls. Kishin are evil persons that are possessed by… well evil. Most of the time they turn to devouring human souls which is a huge no no. A weapon must consume 99 kishin souls and one witch soul in order to become a death scythe. This means that they become more powerful and get the opportunity to serve Lord Death as his weapon. Phew, I think that about covers it.

Our main characters of this anime are pretty descent, some more than others. First off we have Maka, a young meister who’s father is a death scythe and who’s mother was the meister that got him there. Soul is her weapon partner, he’s a pretty beast scythe. Black Star is a flamboyant “ninja,” who is actually pretty powerful. Tsubaki is his weapon, she has the unique ability to change into different “modes.” Then we have Death the kid, son of Lord Death himself and absolutely obsessed with symmetry. Liz and Patty are his weapons, they turn into a pair of mighty shooting pistols.

Now when the anime first starts off, Maka and Soul are just one witch soul away from completing their ultimate goal. You would think they are beasts… right? Wrong. After the introduction, the show takes a whopping 360 that makes this pair pretty much the weakest out of all of the main characters. Maka, who can wield a scythe meister’s “ultimate rare skill” swings it around like a baby with a spoon, making me cringe every time she tries to use it. Instead of training and getting stronger, the main two usually spend most of their time complaining about not being stronger.

I’m not a big fan of Black Star, since he is really quite annoying, but the fight scenes are pretty good with him. He is annoying and obnoxious, but his character works hard to get stronger and the bond between him and Tsubaki is simply beautiful. Death the kid is, as you would expect, pretty over powered. However, he gets undone very quickly by asymmetrical things, if you watch… you’ll see. There are quite a few supporting characters such as Stein and Spirit that are pretty cool, but don’t get a whole lot of screen time (well… Stein does).

The main story is about the main characters not only progressing their skills, but also facing challenges such as powerful witches. The first and main enemy is Medusa, a powerful witch that controls snakes. Later on we get to meet her lovely sister who controls something even creepier, spiders. Beyond them, there is a major enemy, one that involves epic fight scenes with Lord Death himself, but I’ll make you watch it to find that one out.

Overall, I like this anime, but I am not a fan of the main characters at all. I like Soul, I like his personality, but I just can’t get on the Maka fan wagon. I don’t see a whole lot of chemistry between the two and it just seems forced sometimes. It’s still a good anime, with funny moments, and plenty of action. I enjoy the story line, but it can be a little drawn out sometimes.

Source by Kyle W Hawk

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