Water Purification – What’s Inside Our Tap Water and the Risks Involved

Many people still do not completely understand what’s inside our tap water. Worse, most of us do not comprehend yet the potential risks involved in drinking water running out of our faucets.

Continued and massive economic developments have led to the deterioration of the environment. Specifically, various toxic chemicals continued to penetrate most of our water sources. Despite recent innovations implemented by most public water facilities, countless toxic contaminants still find their way to the running water in majority of households.

Take a careful look into these scary chemicals in your tap water

The Environmental Working Group in the United States conducted a study involving 10 babies selected randomly. The study has found out that the umbilical cord blood of those babies contained 287 various chemicals. Around 180 of those chemicals are closely linked to cancer development while 217 of them are known toxins that cause damage to the brain and the nervous system. Some 208 of those chemicals cause different birth defects, with 14 of them identified as pesticide residues.

Any health conscious buff would surely find this shocking and unconscionable! The US Environmental Protection Agency has reported that 260 contaminants are still present in most public water treatment establishments. These water supplies serve 199 million people in 42 states in the US.

Eliminating those contaminants found in tap water led to the development of many water filtration systems. It has become another profitable endeavor, working on people’s desire to have access to clean drinking water.

Chlorine is a chemical poison

Almost a century ago, public utilities have found an effective way of eliminating bacterial agents in the water. Running water contaminated with various microorganisms led to many water-borne diseases. They used chlorine, technically considered as a chemical poison, to kill those microorganisms.

Later studies have found out, however, that chlorine causes certain types of cancer. In fact, it was already reported that people drinking water treated with chlorine increases their risk of getting cancer by 93%, compared to those who do not use chlorinated water.

Mind you also that chlorine does not only enter the body through drinking. This chemical poison can actually be absorbed through the skin pores. Most public swimming pools around the world still use chlorine as a bacterial disinfectant.

Considering how easily we could get those contaminants simply by drinking supposedly clean tap water is mind boggling and scary. If you intend to have access to clean and balanced water, you need to use water filters regarded as most effective in doing the job. Most experts now recommend multi-stage water filtering systems. They are far better than bottled water and reverse osmosis in actually eliminating what are found in tap water.

Source by Zach Smith

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