Vedic Astrology – Finding Wealth and Right Livelihood in Your Chart

Vedic astrology offers a unique perspective for discovering right livelihood and indicators of wealth in your chart. For career or right livelihood considerations we start by looking at the ruling planet of the 10th house and planets located in the 10th. For example, I have Pisces on the 10th house cusp with the ruling planet Jupiter, in the 10th house. Jupiter represents the advisor, coach, counselor and spiritual teacher – all of the things that I do in my work with others.

The second house ruler is also important as it represents the skills and abilities you use in your career. Again, I have the moon (Cancer) ruling the 2nd house (speech) with the Sun (Leo) ruling the third house of writing. So it is totally natural for me to make my living through public speaking and writing as well.

Another unique contribution of Vedic Astrology is the use of yogas (union of two planets) to look at wealth specifically. A wealth producing yoga (Dhana Yoga) is formed when two planets ruling houses 1,2,5,9 or 11 come into aspect with each other. This aspect could be the conjunction (same sign), opposition (180 degrees apart) or other special aspects.

When I started studying yogas in my chart I discovered a dhana yoga between Mars and Saturn. Normally Mars and Saturn are seen as negative influences but in this case they produce positive results. Saturn rules the auspicious 9th house in my chart and resides in the 4th house of home. Mars rules the 11th house of gain and resides in the first house. What have I done in my life that has produced the most wealth? Buying and remodeling houses and developing property!

In my western chart, Mars and Saturn form a minor aspect but the real power of the two together is shown in my Vedic chart. Most important, though, is the timing for the fructification of the yoga. Looking at your current planetary periods (see my article: Keys to Forecasting and Prediction: Vedic Astrology’s Major Planetary Periods) can tell you when the yoga will become most active and productive.

Vedic Astrology offers a vast array of techniques that are not found in Western Astrology. It’s not that Vedic Astrology is a better system, per se, it just offers tools to zoom in on specific areas of experience. A deep understanding of your chart from both Vedic and Western Astrology offers increased insight and understanding of where you’ve come from and where you are potentially going!

Source by James Jarvis

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