Use Your Uniqueness to Up Sales

Tapping into your uniqueness and using it effectively is the “Hidden Key” to increasing business sales. Accessing this part of who you are and what you offer through your business will assist you in languaging your offer to your prospects and clients in a way that has them saying, “Yes, I want that!” This goes for verbal conversations AND on all marketing materials.

Here are 7 quick-straight-from-the-hip ways to use your uniqueness to up your sales:

1. First become aware of all the qualities, individualities, expertise, and gifts that you offer. This isn’t just what you do, but how YOU do it. (Hint: No on can do it like you do it.) This allows you to stand out from the crowd (from those others that are doing similar work to yourself.) Special Tip: There is no need to waste energy on being competitive once you truly tap into your uniqueness. No one else can BE you.

2. Get connected to your heart as you tap into these unique qualities of yours. This has you very clear about your business as an AUTHENTIC offering.

3. Use this awareness to shift you from a place of telling (this is what I do and how I do it) to a place of being. It allows just being who you are to be activated as your main client attraction tool instead of feeling that you have to sell yourself.

4. Start sharing true stories about you and your experience or a success story of one of your clients. Begin sharing stories that show success using YOUR unique methods and that relate to your prospects. Facts tell, stories sell.

5. Develop your own system, program or step-by-step process to express and share your unique approach. This gives you language about your business that makes it easy for folks to understand. It also helps you to appreciate yourself and what you offer = raises your energy!

6. Use your own system, program or step-by-step process as an anchor on your website, marketing materials and in all your business conversations. This way you become extremely anchored in what makes you (and your business) who you are, and you no longer find yourself trying to find the right words to describe who you are and what you do – whether while speaking or writing about your business.

7. Watch prospects clearly hear you, understand you, feel confident about the experience they are going to have with you and easily join you as new, excited, paying clients.

Call To Action:

First: Make a list of everything that your business gives to those that you serve. What do you notice? What stands out?

Second: Make a list of WHY people would want this. What are they looking for when they obtain your services.

Third: Interview a buddy, friend, colleague… Share with them your list of gifts. Ask them what their sense is about what makes you special. What did you notice about your energy as you listened?

Fourth: Develop YOUR Unique Serving System.

Source by Heather Dominick

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