Underground Business Internet Start Up Secrets

It’s true, there are massive fortunes being made by business internet start ups – and it’s natural to look at starting your own online business as a method of gaining financial freedom, getting out of a limiting or bad job, or simply gaining more control over your financial and overall well-being.

While there are more than 1 business model that can turn traffic into dollars as a business internet start up, picking your business model is NOT the first step toward getting your business up and running. Yet, it seems to be the main focus of most of our consulting clients and certainly the main focus of many people we see frequenting the various discussion forums related to this topic.


One of the most critical elements to operating a highly profitable online marketing business is to create a reason for hundreds of thousands of visitors to come to your site each month.

Why would people come to your site?

1. You provide simple, clear information on a topic they are interested in or passionate about

2. They like your style of communication – today you have options of communicating in writing, via audio or even video.

3. You offer a community of interest – again aligned with their passions and interests

4. You offer a product or service that is aligned with their interests and passions.

Once you have people coming to your site, you have lots of options to monetize that traffic – the key to your successful business internet start up is finding a strong passion or interest that ideally you know something about.

So, instead of concerning yourself first with what product you should develop, what your website design should look like, how to market your site or any other tactical decisions, you must figure out what business will I build? What value will I offer and to whom?

The key to a success business internet start starts with locating a niche you understand, find out what people are already buying and asking for, line them up with a better solution and you have yourself a business.

There are many ways you may choose to monetize this simple process:

1. You could offer what people want free in return for their contact information and intent to market additional products/services to them in the future

2. You could offer what they want free and earn your profit via ads, sponsorships, etc…

3. You could offer what they want in the form of a product funnel – where you offer a range of low to high price products.

If you are eager to get your business internet start, then these are the basic models, but everything hinges on being good at finding a niche and understanding what they want.

Source by Jeff Smith

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