Trust – The Universe Will Provide What You Need When You Need It

Even though you might believe that you do not have enough, the universe provides everything you need when you need it. Releasing your fears to the universe is a way to let go of your need to have everything be the way you want it. It is your desire for control that creates your anxiousness.

The Universal Laws are all inter-related and are founded on the premise that everything in the universe is energy, including humans, plants, animal and creatures. All energy moves in a circular motion. At the microscopic level everything is a whirling mass of electrons and energy atoms spinning rapidly. All thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all forms of energy What you think, feel, say and do in each moment comes back to you, thus, creating your reality. The combined thoughts, feelings, words and actions of everyone and everything on the planet creates a collective consciousness, it creates the world you experience.

The poignant news is, because everything is inter-related and because your thoughts, feelings, words and actions create the world around you, you have the power to create a world of peace, harmony and abundance. In order to do this, it is essential that you learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Understanding the Universal Laws is the key to doing this.

When you take a few moments to look around, however, you will notice how much the universe has provided. Although, it might not seem like enough, you are truly blessed. Letting the universe take care of you will help you see the bounty that is present in your life and appreciate all that you have.

If you have concerns about your life, you may feel uncertain. While being cautious about things can be helpful, you might feel better if you learn to let the universe to provide for you. Putting your trust in the universe does not mean that you no longer have responsibility or concerns, it simply means you allow yourself the breathing space you need to know that there is very little in life that is an emergency or crises.

If you, for example, feel restricted by the amount of resources you have, you can take a deep breath, close your eyes and picture the abundance the universe has already given you. This simple act of trust can help you feel more secure about your life as it unfolds.

Based on the Law of Abundance and Attraction, when you focus on what you have, you draw more of the same to you. Conversely, when you focus on lack and deprivation, you draw more of the same to you.

When you focus on what you desire, without doubt you are in alignment with the universe and will draw to you what you desire.

Source by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

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