TriUnity International Inc Review – Is it Legitimate?

TriUnity is a health and Wellness Company founded by Greg Gunderson located in San Diego California. Gunderson has a great deal of experience in the network marketing industry. His Director of sales, Juli Stack has an impressive 25 year corporate portfolio, as well as also having extensive experience with network marketing.

Mr. Gunderson’s mission was to develop a company with state-of-the-art products that were unique and powerful. The network marketing model TriUnity would use must have a lucrative pay plan with low start up costs affordable to everyone.

TriUnity states that their revolutionary products supply nutrition for the body and nutrition for the brain. Some of their products are Acai Plus, White Lightning Energy Drink, Feed My Brain and Clear Heart. When distributors join, they receive a free bottle of their choice.

The pay plan that TriUnity uses is what they call a hybrid unlimited unilevel plan. Industry reports tell us that a large percentage of distributors, some 70 to 98 percent, never make any money. Mr. Gunderson firmly believes his pay plan can greatly increase the percentage of distributors receiving a monthly check. He says the reason for this is that the hybrid plan gives the distributor an unlimited income potential.

In TriUnity, you can join at the entry level for as little as $7.00.The pay out on the first 4 levels of the compensation plan is 65%, which is very high. There are weekly fast start bonuses, sponsoring bonuses, infinity bonuses as well as automobile and house bonuses on the upper level of the income scale. All this is impressive if a distributor is able to build a large team of distributors.

If you do not have an understanding of online marketing, your customer base will be found in your warm market, which is made up of family, friends and acquaintances. These people can be approached ether to purchase TriUnity products from you or to join you in the TriUnity opportunity.

I found that TiUnity International is a legitimate opportunity with high quality products.

For most people it will make sense to join TriUnity for their quality products and experience their benefits vs. the TiUnity business opportunity. The reason for this is that 98% of individuals fail to earn an income in network marketing. Most people are unsuccessful or unwilling to solicit family and friends. However, if you are able to effectively use the internet to have customers and prospects who are looking for your opportunity find you, then the opportunity side of TiUnity would make perfect sense. Either way, using quality products to improve your life is always a great practice.

Source by Evan DuChene

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