Tips to Pass Your Truck Driving Job’s Physical

Follow these tips physical from Physician Erik Moll and you will be more prepared for your next DOT physical. This will be especially helpful if your getting ready to apply for truck driving jobs.

According to Dr. Moll one of the biggest challenges that face the FMCSA is DOT medical examination consistency. Not every DOT exam is the same. Also, it does not appear that the regulations are well understood or thoroughly enforced. This may be partly due to the lack of certification or training. Dr. Moll believes the majority of the chaos stems from a lack of awareness. Safety is a big concern and the foundation is built by certifying the safest truck drivers.

Both the medical examiner and the truck driving jobs applicant play an important role in the process of DOT medical certification. The department of transportation has set forth a code of ethics

pertaining to the medical examiner. It is assumed that if a physician performs a DOT medical exam, he/she is familiar with the regulations and will enforce them.

On the other hand, the truck driver is also held accountable for the truthfulness of the medical exam. If an applicant does not disclose medical information in order to gain certification, the medical certificate could be considered invalid and a civil penalty could possibly levied against the driver. So, in order to comply with safety, the medical examiner must enforce the regulations and the driver must provide the necessary medical information in order to qualify.

Here are some tips so you may be prepared:

1. Bring a copy of your previous DOT medical long form to your next DOT medical exam

2. Bring a list of the current medications you take and also bring the name and contact number of doctor who prescribed the medication to you.

3. When you fill out the health history portion of the long form, do your best to explain any previous or current medical condition you may have.

4. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes:

1. Make sure you are following your doctors instructions when taking your prescribed medications.

2. Be prepared to provide a log of your recent readings.

5. Supply the medical examiner with any necessary medical release(s).

1. Conditions that may warrant a medical release:

* Any cardiac history (MI, Stents “Angioplasty”, Bypass surgery, Cardiovascular conditions, Pacemaker, Valve replacement)

* Stroke

* Brain injury

* Psycho logic / psychiatric disorders (depression, ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD)

* Previous spine or joint surgery

* Chronic low back pain

* Muscular disease

* Episode of altered or loss of consciousness

* History of fainting , dizziness

* Sleep Apnea

6. Lastly, don’t wait until the last minute to recertify!

We hope these Department of Transportation Physical tips will help you when it comes time to recertify or if your looking at testing for new truck driving jobs.

Source by Dave Ferrara

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