Tips for Restoring Lost Penis Sensation

Every man knows that penis skin is quite sensitive. It has to be in order to provide the vivid sensations a guy feels when he’s engaged in sensual activity of any kind. That’s one of the reasons why a guy will always pay good attention to proper penis care – to keep the health of his penis skin top-notch.

But over time, penis sensation seems to become a little dulled. Things that once brought a man to the heights of ecstasy now just don’t have that same “zing” he’s used to feeling. What causes this loss of penis sensitivity, and what can a man do about it?

The good news is that there’s quite a bit he can do!

Why a loss of penis sensation?

Penis sensation dissipates for many reasons, some of which are simply unavoidable. For instance, as a man ages, his skin naturally changes. Over time, little irritations build up and make the skin former a thicker layer. A good way to think of it is to consider a man who works with his hands. Eventually, his hands will become thicker and calloused as a result of all the work he does with them.

And so it is with penis skin, which becomes a little tougher with every irritation is suffers. After several years, the result is a little less penis sensation to enjoy when it’s time to get busy.

There can be other reasons, too. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, bring with it a lack of sensation due to changes in the nerves in the skin. Alcohol and tobacco use can eventually damage the nerves as well, making it tougher for a man to feel what he should. Poor blood circulation from too-tight clothing, obesity and some sports certainly doesn’t help. Even excessive masturbation can eventually cause a problem for sensitive penis skin, as it can lead to certain areas being a little ‘dulled’ to sensation.

Recovering lost penis sensitivity

Fortunately, there are some things a man can do to help restore the penis sensation he has lost. Here are a few sure-fire methods a guy can try:

1. Change up masturbation. Sometimes a man gets accustomed to masturbating a certain way, and that leads to certain areas of the penis that need extra stimulation. Over time, this can make it tough for him to truly enjoy the touch of a partner, as what really gets him going, so to speak, is the same routine over and over. Break free of that routine by taking a break from masturbation and spending time with a partner instead. This can help train the penis to enjoy different sensations.

2. Avoid irritations. A guy can help heal the tougher penis skin by doing things a little differently. For instance, if he is accustomed to going commando and letting his penis rub against the rough trouser material, he can switch to wearing very soft boxers or briefs. If he’s used to masturbating without lube, he can start to incorporate lube into his routine to give the sensitive penis skin a break.

3. Cut out bad habits. A guy who indulges in alcohol and smoking a bit too much might find that he’s losing penis sensation. Letting go of those habits can help the penis skin recover and restore some of that lost sensitivity.

4. Reverse medical conditions. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, can actually be reversed if a man catches them fast enough. Type 2 diabetes can often be managed with proper diet, exercise and the addition of certain medications. By getting blood sugars under control, a man might notice his sensation is coming back. This is also true for other medical conditions that can be managed well.

5. Use a strong penis health crème. The use of a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can go a long way toward restoring sensation. Shea butter and vitamin E can help keep skin supple, while L-carnitine protects against peripheral nerve damage that can lead to lowered penis sensation.

Source by John Dugan

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