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Those Anomalous Martian Artefacts: The Trickster Gods At Work?

Those Anomalous Martian Artefacts: The Trickster Gods At Work?


One of the many things you expect in planetary exploration is to expect the unexpected, and the list of unexpected phenomena is quite a long one. However, there’s the unexpected and then there’s the downright ridiculous! Mars is continuing to provide not only the unexpected but the ridiculous as well. Mars appears to be up to its ‘armpits’ in anomalies, most of which fall into the category of anomalous rocky artefacts; rocks on the surface that appear to be anything but a standard rock as most of us would picture one. Something is screwy somewhere and needs an explanation, even a ridiculous one.

Mars has provided us with no shortage of anomalies initially presented by the scientific establishment from those ‘canals’ (where it turned out the intelligence was on the terrestrial viewing end of the telescope) to those ‘hollow’ Martian moons that weren’t – hollow that is.

Viking (1976) of course is well known for its orbital discover of the ‘face on Mars’ which turned out to be a trick of the lighting, but a very convincing trick it was until photographs were taken later on down the track by other orbiting probes under differing lighting conditions.

The ‘face’ hasn’t been the only anomaly photographed from orbit as both the Mars Express Orbiter and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took a snapshot of a profile of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.

But what about all those on-the-ground and up-close-and-personal anomalies?

The Spirit robotic-probe or rover has several anomalies credited to it.

* There was a ‘skull’ was discovered in 2006, but not to be outdone…

* There was also a ‘human figure’ that was sighted in 2007.

The Opportunity robotic-probe or rover came up trumps too.

* Opportunity found the ‘jelly doughnut’ that appeared out of nowhere – first you didn’t see it and several days later you did see it – in January 2014.

* Opportunity also found a ‘bunny rabbit head’ in March 2004.

The Curiosity robotic-probe or rover has several more anomalies credited to it.

* There was that ‘finger’ discovered in 2012.

* Some flora was found in the form of a ‘flower’ in 2012.

* There was that ‘iguana’ from January 2013.

* More fauna came to pass with ‘the rat’ in March 2013.

* We have ‘the helmet’ from 2013.

* We also have a ‘door handle’ from 2013.

* That was topped off with the most recent discovery of the ‘thigh bone’ in August 2014.

All of these anomalous rocky artefacts have been complemented by observations of anomalous lights-at-a-distance both stationary and in motion, for example a flash-of-light photographed by Curiosity in April 2014.

Now while one might expect one or two such unusual artefacts to appear in the images taken on the Martian surface, they are beginning to appear just a bit too frequently. Something is beginning to appear to be a bit screwy somewhere.

If you were to walk an equivalent area and distance, not a difficult thing to accomplish, across an arid (vegetation free) and rocky landscape, what are the odds that you would spot as many anomalous rocky artefacts as these Martian robotic rover-probes have?

If you extrapolate from the number of anomalous rocky artefacts found in the relatively tiny surface area covered by these robotic rover-probes, to the entire Martian surface, well that would have to translate or amount to multi-millions of such anomalous rocky artefacts on Mars if scattered at random on the Martian surface.

Now I don’t really think the ‘iguana’ was a real iguana nor the ‘rat’ a real rat or the ‘thigh bone’ a real thigh bone. They are in all probability just rocks. But, and there’s always a but, despite the propensity for humans to see design in things where there is no design, the pure number of these anomalous rocky artefacts is in itself become anomalous.

Here’s my way out on a limb explanation. The pantheons of human mythologies are near universal in being populated by a number of ‘trickster gods’. In modern translation, these pantheons were aliens, and they still are aliens since they haven’t departed. Some of these extraterrestrials have a sense of humour – why should humans be unique in that regards? One can almost imagine some ET prankster out of sight of our robotic-probes placing a deliberately moulded ‘rock’ in the obvious pathway of the probe for no other reason than just to play a practical joke.

But one shouldn’t pick on Mars alone. Anomalous rocky artefacts on Mars wouldn’t be the first anomalous structures we’ve spotted in our local neck of the solar system woods, from spires and bridges on the Moon (as well as those well verified transient lunar phenomena – TLP) including the recently brought to light ‘alien’ in profile on the lunar surface.

I shall predict that anomalies of the unexpected and of the ridiculous kind will continue to make the news headlines, provider fodder for the conspiracy theorists, and just maybe, bring a chuckle or two to those trickster ‘gods’.


Source by John Prytz

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