Think Two Products Ahead Review

Think Two Products Ahead: Secrets the Big Advertising Agencies Don’t Want You to Know and How to Use Them for Bigger Profits rose to #1 on Amazon Business Best Seller list in a matter of days.

Ben Mack knows what he’s doing. Obviously. He walks his talk. His campaign to launch his book and name in the Internet Marketing community has been attention grabbing to say the least. Cryptic emails, mysterious notes on his Amazon sales page, quotes from Buckminster Fuller and a poetic sort of communication style to would-be customers has definitely made a splash.

When you get a guy that puts out such an engaging book, offering his message with humor, deep insight and actionable steps, plus moves a ton of units of that same book, you have to listen. Get the keys to the branding kingdom and your business – from small biz start up to multi-national corporation – grows exponentially.

Normally direct marketing experts bash branding as a waste of time and money, but Mack hits on points that make sense and work for both sides of the marketing universe.

Said Direct Response copywriting master David Garfinkel: “Finally, a clear-cut confessional from someone who has actually worked in the deep carpets with the guys and guyettes in the designer suits…If you are in business and you have anything to do with marketing, you need [Ben Mack’s] book.”

Think Two Products Ahead is a groundbreaking work. Get it, read it and apply it. You’ll be on the cutting edge of marketing when you do.

Source by Curtis Reynaud

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