The Worst Invention of Mankind

Recently, the British newspaper “Guardian” has pointed out “the worst invention of mankind”. Unfortunately, plastic bags “won” this title–because the planet in which we live now has almost become a “plastic planet”. Plastic bags nearly spread over all the places–lands, rivers, mountains, oceans, and so on. Until one day, when we have all left, it will be still occupying the earth, because they are “immortal”.

The paper said that the cockroach has ever been regarded as a symbol of tenacious vitality. However, since the emergence of plastic, it even surpasses cockroach and becomes the last witness of human civilization. I believe it will bring with the history of mankind and enter into the next ice age.

Plastic was “born” in the 1930s. Ever since the 1970s, it has monopolized the market of shopping bags in European and American supermarkets. Now in Britain, about 8 billion plastic bags are used every year.

Plastic grocery bags have caused extremely serious pollution on the ecological environment. Its molecular structure is very stable, which is difficult to be decomposed by the light, heat, bacteria and enzyme in the nature. Even if it is buried in the earth for hundreds of years, it will not become divided and degraded. Burning of plastic bags is not the way to solve the problem. Because after it has been burnt, the chlorides and heavy metal ions remained in the atmosphere will seriously endanger human health and the ecological environment. The accumulation of a large number of discarded plastic grocery bags has caused serious pollution on the farmlands and rivers, and destroyed the environment in which we live. What’s more, the production of plastic bags will consume a large number of energy, such as polyethylene, polrvinyl chloride, shrinkfilm, Low-Density Polyethylene, and so on.

Compared with other countries, the “white pollution” in South Africa is much more serious. When the wind blows, the trees are often covered with plastic bags, which makes the residents even think it is snowing. In order to reduce the environmental pollution, since March 2001, the Irish government has begun to collect plastic bag tax–9 pence for each bag. And Britain has also begun to take measures, using biodegradable materials to make plastic bags. Currently, other countries are also following this program, so as to do some remedy work for “the worst invention”. However, we do not know at what time humankind can say goodbye to “plastic era”.

Source by Lv Hongyu

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