The SWTOR Mercenary Guide

One of the many classes of the Sith forces in Star Wars: The Old Republic is the SWTOR Mercenary. In fact, the mercenary is an advanced class of the Bounty Hunter and it is a damage-dealing class, which focuses heavily on dual wielding and the wrist-mounted rocket launcher. The SWTOR Mercenary can also be seen as a mirror class of the Jedi Trooper, since it also has a similar skill tree as well.

The 3 skills trees of the SWTOR Mercenary are:

Bodyguard – This is a healing class that uses probes to quickly heal your character or your allies with kolto injections

Arsenal – This is a DPS class that uses advanced rocketry to damage enemies and lower their armor

Pyrotech – This is a shared skill tree that uses heat and elemental based abilities for attacking and for self-preservation

Just for your information, the pyrotech skill tree is shared with the Powertech advanced class of the SWTOR bounty hunter.

The SWTOR Mercenary advanced class is known for heavy fire power, heat seeking missiles and overall, powerful defense. There are many abilities that you can acquire as you level up your SWTOR mercenary character. Here’s a list of some of the skills you expect for each of the 3 skill trees of the mercenary:

Arsenal skills

Level 20 – Tracer missile: A missile that deals kinetic damage and reduces armor strength of an enemy by using heat

Level 30 – Riddle: An ability that increases damage by 30%

Level 40 – Heat seeking missiles: Missiles that do massive damage to units with heat signatures, and damage dealt is also increased by 3%

Bodyguard skills

Level 20 – Kolto missile: An ability that heals friendly targets within a radius

Level 30 – Kolto shell: An ability that creates a shell around a target. When the target is attacked, the shell takes the damage and the target is also healed

Level 40 – Emergency scan: An ability that heals allies instantly

Pyrotech skills

Level 25 – Incendiary missile: A missile that deals damage over time

Level 30 – Prototype particle accelerator: This ability gives a 30% chance for the Rail Shot skill to complete itself and reduces the skill’s heat cost

Level 40 – Thermal detonator: A detonator that sticks to an enemy target that deals damage over time and has knock back effects

The thermal detonator is probably the most flashiest ability of the above list. You can also equip your SWTOR mercenary with jetpacks and other flashy objects to create a powerful, missile-shooting flying machine!

Source by Samson Robbins

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