The Spirit of the Universe and The Origin of the Letter [J]

The Importance of letters in understanding the past came up in the research to expose the roots of religion and language. This is what was shown to me to do when it commissioned the job ahead. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to it the learning curve that followed was extensive and it took me to the depth of knowledge. The mysteries and secrets that religious organisations hide behind came to the fore.

Told to remove the wall of blindness that stands before the world and to restore the treasure stolen from the spiritual children of God was just part of it. The rest involved unlocking the roots of religion and revealing the bluff that it uses to survive.

The greatest bluff of all is the Catholic Church and the images used as part of its window dressing to get people into it. My knowledge already showed that heaven and hell are fake and that they were part of the old dreaming by which men assume power over others.

Taken back to Babylon, the home of Islam and the Capital of the Persian Empire, the visions and things shown are astounding. It took me years to complete the picture but the bottom line is that here is the source of all religious beliefs. Here men worshipped the sun as the Mother God and they stylised it into a woman called Mary.

The remnants of a city named after here is located northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. In its library, along with the records in that of Nineveh and Babylon, are stories of the great flood and other things included in the Old Testament.

One of the visions given in the pursuit of the knowledge was of the sun’s rays passing through a holed obstacle at dawn. The colourful rings of beauty hold within them the right-angled cross. This is the instrument men used to voluntarily die at dawn and elevate themselves through the hole while riding the sunbeams into heaven.

In today’s world this sounds fanciful and highly unlikely. But in the ancient world of that region many things were unknown. We are dealing with a time when the earth was considered flat and heaven was the ocean risen up in some mystical fashion and in which the celestial bodies floated.

Early boats were built in the crescent shape of the moon for this reason. Reflections of the sun in the water gave rise to stories of the Son of God, such as that of Moses, Bacchus, and even Apollo. Taken from the water these so-called ‘sons’ (suns) became influential in the dreams that prevailed.

The shape of the circle and light gave rise to symbols. The most common of these is the ring enclosing the right-angled cross, which is found on every inhabited continent and in modern religious symbolism. When described as symbols the letter [i] shows the pole with the eye above it. It represent ‘eye’ in ancient symbolism while the letter [s] represents ‘spirit’ or ‘light’.

‘Is’ means that something exists and it translates as ‘eye of light’. Doubling terms was a way of increasing potency so ‘isis’ is such a term. ‘Issi’ is also a way of describing it. ‘Is’ can also be ‘es’ or ‘as’ and with the addition of another [i] from which [y] is also a symbol gave us ‘yes’ or ‘yas’ for confirmation of something being right.

To understand the origin of the letter [j] one has only to look at how the small letter [i] is written with a tail to the right. When that tail is pointing to the left the letter [j] is formed. Linguistically it has the same value as [i] and when added to ‘issi’ it becomes ‘jessi’ or ‘ jesus’ which is the old term for ‘spirit’ or ‘light’.

One can take that further, however, because it is the name of the Spirit and, therefore, of God. It was Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he put up the image of Jesus Christ based on this old knowledge. My research shows that he was Islamic and that the religion he founded is based on that of Babylon. The letter [j] is part of establishing that connection.

Source by Norma Holt

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