The Power of Pisces’ Energy and How to Weather Its Emotional Storm

As the planets move through the signs of the Zodiac so move our thoughts, emotions and experiences. While our Sun sign gets all the attention, we are all the signs of the Zodiac. In understanding the energy that each sign presents, we can better understand ourselves.

Pisces reigns supreme from February 19 through March 20. During this time we are enveloped in the Fish’s emotional and imaginative nature. A Water sign, Pisces is kind, sensitive and compassionate. You can expect to feel more sentimental during this time. Do not be surprised if you tear up easily or feel the need to read poetry.

Embrace this powerful energy and you may even be able to tap into Pisces intuitive and psychic abilities. Pisces can be an excellent time to hold a séance or undergo hypnotherapy.

Of course, as with coins, there are two sides to every sign and Pisces’ watery element can be deep, dark and foreboding. The sign’s sensitive nature can prompt a need to withdraw from loved ones and escape the demands and responsibilities of daily life.

You may feel overly sad or melancholy during Pisces’ passing. Knowing that forceful and self-assured Aries is just around the corner can help alleviate the weight of any such negative feelings.

Pisces and the Power of Love

Pisces is a true romantic and the archetype for male heroes in many good romance novels. Pisces make devoted partners but the dreamer does not always carry an equal load in the relationship. Cut your partner and yourself some slack during this time if daydreams and wishful thinking interfere with taking out the trash or balancing the checkbook.

In Pisces, you can fall deeply in love or lust. You can get your heart broken or find someone who will repair the hurt. Do not be surprised if during this time you have a strong desire to love and be loved on a more spiritual or idealistic level. If in a relationship, you can expect more support, empathy and devotion from your partner.

While Pisces’ energy can bring more love and romance your way, watch out! You will be thinking with your heart not your head during this time and could get involved with the wrong type for you. In Pisces, you risk an affair even if in a committed relationship. If you have found your soul mate, this is a fabulous time to tie the knot but so not the time to run off to Las Vegas with someone you just met!

Understanding how each sign influences you and those around you will make life a little less challenging and a lot more interesting. The next step is to learn which House in your horoscope each sign resides. It is then that you will discover a more personal relationship with all the signs of the Zodiac.

Source by R. G. Austin

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