The Power of Perseverance

So, what exactly is perseverance in business? It’s not giving-up on your dreams in my mind. You will often hear that success is in the follow-up.

Well it is!

If you want something to happen, you have to be willing to follow-up. Sometimes this means getting uncomfortable.


Because we might receive a no!!! Most business owners shy away from this because they are afraid of being rejected. The thought of this feels horrible. This is where we really need to look at what is really going on deep down, and what our beliefs are around love, security and self-esteem.

Back to perseverance…

Per the law of vibration, what we want is already there, we just have to feel good enough to receive it. Meaning we have to bring our energy into alignment with what we are wanting. Being able to receive means feeling worthy and good enough. Following-up is about feeling good enough. You are worthy of the opportunity.

Often we tell ourselves (really it’s the subconscious showing us this perspective), a story that gets us to stop. Something along the lines of; two follow-ups is enough, I don’t want to bother them, they clearly don’t want to buy my product / service, what if they tell other people how annoying I am? Yep, we’ve all felt them.

Please read the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz immediately, if you haven’t already. This will help you to see we at large are taking things personally, and how to see that everyone is operating from their own paradigm and set of beliefs. Most people are just worrying about their own sh*t.

So how did the Ranch come about?

Well it started with the intention. I had heard from several friends how it was right up my alley – that I would love it personally and that it would be a great spot for me to teach at as well.

So, I put it out there. And then like all good manifestations, I forgot about it and let go of the attachment essentially.

Then during a meeting at one of my women’s groups (insert connecting with like-minded people), my friend there was telling me how she had presented there and that I would love it.

Thank-you universe for the divine guidance!

She generously gave me the contact name to whom I reached out to.

It was crickets.

So, I followed-up again a few more times and was eventually directed to someone else who books the speakers.

She was super nice and advised me they were full but to check back in.

This went on for two years! I would check in, they were full, she would tell me to check back in. So, I did. Diligently. It was noted as a recurring item in my calendar. I even started apologizing that I was a pain, and that it was my regular check-in!!

Low and behold, maybe out of sympathy!!, I was booked.

I had the god fortune to meet this wonderful lady in person and we joked about the process.

I am so thankful for my experience and will definitely be back.

This is what taking inspired action looks like when we manifest.

Could I have told myself a story that I was bugging her? Yep.

But I knew deep down I wasn’t. Our email exchange was always lovely, and it was just about the motions. It wasn’t personal.

So… how often does us taking things personally get us to stop?

Where are you doing this in your own business? What empowered belief about yourself and the situation do you need to tell yourself instead?

Because thoughts become things. Let’s make them inspired and impartial.

Source by Chris Atley

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