The Magic of the Universe and Your Thoughts – Making Us One – Quantum Physics and You

Sir Isaac Newton thought nature-as-machine which details the price laws that govern how that machine operates. Science thought the universe as empty, three-dimensional space, through which physical objects move according to immutable laws. We learn from these laws which brought us modern technology from steam engines to space probes.

We had to go deep into the heart of the atom when it was discovered in 1890. The world within the atomic nucleus, coined in ancient Greece, the term atom means “indivisible unit.” We discovered Radioactivity, and it showed how the atom was divisible. Everything is energy. We all know this term: E=mc2; is energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

We found that energy and matter is related that it can be transformed backed and forth into each other. We use a study called Quantum Physics as the study on how the world works on the smallest scales at a level far smaller than the atom. There are distinct elusive little packets of energy which physicists called quanta.

Everything is energy, whether it is rock, a planet, glass of water, and everything touchable, taste or smell. All things are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, combined with protons and electrons and neutrons which create this vibrating packet of energy.

Sir Isaac Newton thought nature-as-machine which details the price laws that govern how that machine operates. Science thought the universe as empty, three-dimensional space, through which physical objects move according to immutable laws. We learn from these laws which brought us modern technology from steam engines to space probes.

If you build a vision board, putting pictures of what you want on it then the boundaries between the physical world and the world of our thoughts start to disappear as well. Your thoughts travel to the universe, for there is no absolute distinction between matter and energy. These little packets of energy has the unknowable way in influencing one another with a property called entanglement

We came across the unified field theory, or a “theory of everything,” if known you know the mind of God. The fact is thought influences matter which becomes tiny packets of possibility. When we try to record information about the location of a proton you cannot pin down its speed or trajectory; figuring out its speed prevents you from getting the precise location. We now know that physical matter is not anything yet. With this new understanding reality is not solid substance but a field of potentiality. When we have ideas or sketches of an object yet waiting to be materialized when we finish the product in production, and we measure its properties it would soon dematerialize when measure or observed. This act influences the particles behavior.

The Laws of Attraction

The quantum universe has no accidents, no coincidences; every particle and every action is accounted for. The laws are exacting. The laws that govern the movements of subatomic particles and solar systems also govern our thoughts and feelings, families, and careers.

Quantum Physics

Two worlds: the seen and the unseen. The key is originated in the unseen world, for the unseen world is powerful than the seen world. It is the immense, hidden portion of the ice berg that most of us are unaware of 99 percent of the time, while the tangible, material world we think of as “real” is only the minuscule tip that just above the surface of our conscious awareness. What bumps us down is what we do not see.

Everything starts as an idea. This is how the universe works with your idea. Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms. Atoms are made out of energy. Energy is made out of our consciousness. Everything in nature, every phenomenon in the universe, starts as an idea. We create from the nonphysical level, turning that which we can not see into that which we can.

Newton used the principle of cause and effect as it operates in the physical, mechanical world as the basis of his law of thermodynamics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Newton did not understand that matter, energy, and consciousness are not distinct and separate domains, but are all simply different frequencies along the same continuum.

We now know that the principle of cause and effect applies not simply to the mechanics of matter but to the mechanics of everything including our thoughts, every thought you form broadcasts a distinct and particular frequency, and that frequency elicits a response from the quantum universe as surely as a swinging hammer has on the surface it strikes. In the east karma, in the west The Golden Rule: The core of principle is this you are at cause in your life and in your business. You can not blame others for your situation or circumstance. With the opposite side of any situation, you have more opportunity to create the events and circumstance in your life than you have ever imaged possible.

With the Principle of Resonance, it says that energy in a specific pattern or frequency will resonate with every other form of energy in a similar pattern. The Law of attraction is simply the action of resonance together with cause and effect. Thoughts create events and circumstances that have the same pattern, and are thus resonant with those thoughts.

To create your successful situation, you need to start with the part nobody else sees, the hidden part of the iceberg. The seed of you company is the vision. There is a gestation period. It has a law. Here is the Law of Gestation. It declares that for every seed, there is a set gestation or incubation period, a specific span of time that particular seed needs to establish itself before it can unfold from blue print into fully realized physical form. There is a zero-point field, the quantum vacuum, which is all knowing; all powerful, and all capable.

The Guard Fallacy

Fact: here is how much control our conscious functions exert over what we actually do: ten quadrillion reaction per second. Your conscious brain loses focus every six to ten seconds. Your unconscious brain never loses focus. A new finding on the brain for neuroscience is the observation that we are making new brain cells and new connections all the time. The process of neurogensis does not stop with adolescence but continues throughout the human life span. Whatever your age, your brain is perfectly capable of creating entirely new pathways. Your conscious brain loses focus every 6 to 10 seconds. Your unconscious brain never loses focus. The process of neurogensis does not stop with adolescence but continues throughout the human life span. Whatever your age, your brain is perfectly capable of creating entirely new pathways.

Neurogenesis: the process of cell division that creates new brain cells continues throughout our lives. Neuroplasticity is a neuron of a certain type is called a mirror neuron. They help us mimic the behavior that is around us. You can change your brain the way you want. We are structured so that we can grow our creativity, intelligence, and capacity for achievement throughout our lives.

Reticular Activating System (RAS) that all-important, life-shaping decision is made moment to moment, all the time, day or night, awake or asleep, by a part of your brain called (RAS). It is the scientific term for a network of nerve pathways at the base of your brain that connects the spiral cord, cerebellum, and cerebrum and acts as a filter for all the sensory input your brain draws from your external world. (Reticulum, from Latin for “little net,” simply means a net like structure. A new finding on the brain for neuroscience is the observation that we are making new brain cells and new connections all the time.

You Get What You Are Looking For

How do you program your (RAS) with what you do not want? Focusing on it, and create a habit of thought around that thing. Through neural reconditioning, you can train your (RAS) to direct its amazing capacity to focus on what you do want, not what you do not want–on the solution, not the problem. The neck turns the head-brain. You can be the neck that turns your unconscious brain and points it in whatever direction you want. Our autopilot called the psycho cybernetic mechanism. Cybernetic refers to a control and response mechanism in organisms and some machines. The Thermostat in your brain is the natural self-corrective process dubbed the psycho cybernetic mechanism. This was termed by Maxwell Maltz a plastic surgeon.

Taping the Power of the Quantum Universe

You can change your brain the way you want. We are structured that we can grow our creativity, intelligence, and capacity for achievement throughout our lives. Remember this please. Let us tap the power of the quantum universe. The unconscious mind is like the dog that wags the tail. Your conscious mind is where you design your new beliefs–but it is not where you hold these beliefs.

First use your conscious facilities, choose the thoughts you want to have as your beliefs. They systematically impress these thoughts on the unconscious part of your brain.

With our conscious mind using will and imagination, pluck an idea out of the Quantum Universe and see the possibilities. We choose what we think. We must take these conscious thoughts and bring them into impeccable clarity, and deliver them to our unconscious facilities.

Setting goals is a conscious exercise; achieving goals is a spiritual and unconscious exercise. To succeed we need to become expert in using both parts of our brain. Most of us never have been taught how to do this. First; use your conscious abilities, such as imagination, intuition, reasoning, and the rest–to craft a crystal clear (vision), picture of your dream business: the perfect seed.

Second: Plant the seed in the unconscious mind, making it a habit of thought–a belief. Once you do that, no force in the world can stop it from happening. Discover those areas where you are strong, those areas where you have keen intelligence, and focus on those. Discover what it is you are uniquely gifted to be and to do, then build your business and your life in ways that take maximum advantage of those aspects of yourself. That is when goals come easily.

Take the gifts you have and make those your pillars. Then find other people who have other intelligence, other gifts, and help them become your allies. Make it your goal to share your gifts with the world. You must create a vision for your business. Here is how it is done. Create your Business Vision.

1. Put it in the present tense. “My business is going to be good for people and people will appreciate it…to give them an alternative approach to medicine.

2. Make it visual and emotional so it will attract what you need to manifest it as a physical reality.

3. Knock it out of the park!

Here are the three roles of the unconscious brain: 1. It runs your personal biochemical operating system; 2. It runs your programmable software: your habits, routines, attitudes; 3. It connects you with the Quantum field of infinite intelligence.

Our brain is an electromagnetic switching station, and it connects to the seen and unseen world. Great ideas and invention have come from our state of light sleep into our unconscious brain. Your unconscious brain has access to all knowledge. No matter what the problem, challenge, or need, it knows where to feed the problem, challenge, or need.

The Success Code:

1. Find something you have a passion for accomplishing.

2. Become excellent at it.

3. Recondition your mind to be here. You can have it and achieve it.

4. You must understand how to make money at it.

5. You must take daily action.

Affirmations are very important. Whenever there is a conflict between consciousness and unconscious, the unconscious will always win. Your present beliefs determine your outlook. If you are broke, then your belief is, “I am broke: That is how and who I am.” You will say, “I do not deserve to have a lot of money.”

Step 1: The fact is you are in the drivers’, seat; your life is your creation and principle tool you have used to create it your beliefs. If you want to change things, and then decide what beliefs you want to have. Your conscious brain puts things in logical, linear sequences. It has to: It can not focus on more than one or two things at a time.

Step 2: Your unconscious can focus on a million things at once. It does not need to think, first this, then that, then eventually….We can not create large, successful businesses all by ourselves; none of us can.

Step 3: Create emotional Anchors for Neural Linking. Neural linking uses emotional association to deepen the impact of any belief or affirmation you choose. You accomplish this by linking that new belief with powerful feelings that already exist in association with some other memory. Neural Linking happens all the time. Your habits on what you put on first, brushing your teeth in the morning.

Step 4: Prepare your Neural Imprinting Material. The most common example of imprinting materials are:

a) Written statements

b) Audio recording, be creative

c) Subliminal media

d) Picture and vision boards or dream boards

Step 5: Your Neural Reconditioning routine

Keep in step same time of day each day for your heart rhythms. A routine practiced five days in a row at the same time every day has a far greater impact on your developing abilities than a routine practiced five days in a row at widely different times. The best time is when a little tired and not too focused. That half-awake/half-asleep state when you do not have your conscious filters fully in place is the moment when your unconscious is most accessible. The ideal time is first thing upon rising in the morning, and last thing before going to sleep at night. Lunch break is a good time.


Meditation is the foundation of the neural reconditioning process, the ground upon which you build the structures of new beliefs, goals, and aspirations in your unconscious brain. We will look at the different types of Brain Waves. Which brain waves would you like to be in most of the time?

Brain Waves

Alpha (8-14 Hz): These brain waves are associated with relaxation, deep learning, relaxed focus light trances, bring on a mental sleep or waking drowsiness, producing higher intuitive factors, meditation, and the beginning of access to the unconscious mind. Access to the quantum field begins with Alpha brain waves.

Theta 4-7Hz): Dreaming state (vital for learning and memory) increased creativity and ability to tap into universal intelligence, integrative emotional experiences, potential changes in behavior and increased retention of learned material. There are high levels of access to the quantum field that is available through theta brain waves.

Delta (0.1-4Hz): Slow, very long brain waves associated with dreamless sleep, and the release of human growth hormone (HGH). Trained workers can access this level of the quantum field in an awakened state.

Beta: High (15-18 Hz); Low (12-15Hz) When you are awake and active, thinking, social and in a normal state in life and at work.

Compare these four common levels of brain waves to the four gears of an automobile, with beta being first gear, alpha second, theta third, and delta fourth. Most of us function in the beta range all day long. Beta would not take you very far, once the initial information is figured out, you want to drop back into second gear. As you shift gears there is less stress on the engine of your life. You move faster and your engine heart rate (slows down). You have less wear and tear as you shift gears. Less frustration and anger, less depression and anxiety–and you are getting more accomplished.

Gear Shift Your Brain

Meditation must be practiced: concentration on breathing is important. Start for six minutes, then fifteen minutes, then thirty minutes. Yes, your mind will wonder, but then bring it back. Meditation is a powerful ground work for neural reconditioning. You are developing your ability to access and stay loaded onto your goals like a laser– and when you do, you open the possibility for the quantum field to respond, resonate, and supply all those elements you need for the fulfillment of the goals. You will exercise the Law of Attraction. Note: the average human being loses focus every six to ten seconds through meditation. Mastering meditation will result in your world to slow down giving you more time to accomplish your goals.

You can start to reprogram your brain at any age. You are building new neural connections (plasticity. You are keeping your brain alive and vital. Now phrase your goals and vision in positive terms. You can use the terms debt-free, alcohol free, or drug free. The associations we have in our minds are already clear on what debt-free means. We subconsciously emphasize the free, so it does not seem to cause us to go in the opposite direction such as toward debt, alcohol or drugs.

Any new material introduced will set up a conflict of interest bring on habitual beliefs for your psycho cybernetic mechanism will be enforced. You may get a detox type reaction to this process. You are forcing the brain to move into a higher order of functioning which shows up as you usually release chemicals that reflect that. You need to apply it, put it into action, and put it into action in such a way that it gets into your unconscious brain.

Create a dream board for vision, focus and action. Define those targets and the ground needed to get you there is termed Gap Analysis. Use a Revenue Plan. It is a description of the formula that takes a business from one side of the gap to the other.

Try to create precisely the right circumstance, and then you will automatically generate the right result. The law of compensation describes those specific circumstances. Compensation occurs when enough people want what you offer. Here are the conditions for the Law to work.

1. There must be a strong need and/or desire in the market place for your product or service.

2. Your offering must be outstanding.

3. You or your team must have the ability to market and sell your offering.

Apply the Law of Magnetism in your life. The vibrations of the whole world pass through your body. Be calm at all times to protect you from negative vibrations. If you read quality books, think quality thoughts, and surround your self with high spiritual beings, and saints, your magnetism will be strengthen, and your attraction will pull you in the right situation in life. These are the ideas of the Ancients and the Great Law.

Source by C. Manuel Grace

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