The Lesser Known Biometrics That Will Surely Surprise You

In the not so distant past the only place we ever got to see biometrics was when they graced the big screen. Gadgets of these sorts were limited to huge sci-fi movies with larger than life James Bondesque characters that used such advanced technology to break into high security places. Finger access, Iris access and many other form of biometric were nothing short of magical devices that one couldn’t think of coming across in regular walks of life.

The story today of course is very different, biometrics of all sort are found everywhere be it residential places or commercial. Biometric verification is the one of most used form of security system as they are far safer and reliable than any system. They uniquely identify and distinguish the biological traits of an individual to correctly recognize them and authenticate or restrict access depending on whether or not the traits match. Those unique traits can range from fingerprint pattern to retina but there are some very unique biometric authentication methods that are under development. Below is a list of few such unusual biometric authentication methods:

Ear: Surprise! Surprise! Many of you would not know that the shape of your ear is as distinguishing as your fingerprint. The two ears that each individual has are also different from each other. This unique method of identification is used by Startup Descartes Biometrics that has come up with an app that identifies users based on the way they press their phones to their ear. The technology is still in development stages.

Heart: Yes, you read it right. There is a device that uses your heart beat to recognize you. The Nymi is a wrist band that is in development, which takes an electrocardiogram also known as ECG measuring the electrical signal generated by your heart’s activity. It then based upon this reading authenticates your identity. Nymi can be used to unlock other devices in use by you such as smart phones or laptop.

Butt: We are not making this up! Your posterior has more uses than you can care to know about. A team of researchers have come up with a unique technology for a prototype of a car that can identify the driver by reading the pattern in which they sit. This assures that only you can drive the car and everything in the car including the mirrors and all are adjusted to your liking.

Source by Nandita Kaushal

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