The Holy Trinity is the Foundation of the Universe

The Holy Trinity is a Universal Principle. The Trinity exists in all things. From the most basic unit of life all things in creation have a tri fold composition. The basic unit of life, the atom, is composed of the proton, the neutron, and the electron. In our three-dimensional universe all things have height, width, and depth. Before the Nicene Council adopted the Holy Trinity as official Church doctrine, the Ancients (Sumerians, Egyptians, and Greeks) were well acquainted with the triune (tri unity, or three as one) nature of the Universe.

Our Universe, and everything in it, mirrors the three-fold construction of the Holy Tabernacle of YAHWEH, and vice versa. The Temple of YAHWEH was divided into 3 parts: the Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Most Holy Inner Chamber where the Presence of YAHWEH dwelled. This 3-fold division simultaneously represents the Universe and Man (the Micro Universe).

YAHWEH is One, and manifests as Three! YAHWEH is the Creator, Yahshua'(1) -the Son- is The Creator in the flesh. YAHWEH manifests as the Ruach Qadosh (the Holy Spirit). Created in the Image of God, the Human being is a walking Trinity. We are composed of a body, a mind, and the eternal Spirit.

The number 3- the Trinity- is the foundation of all things. The 24 (8×3) hour Day is divided into three parts: morning, noon, and night. The Year is divided into three temperatures: (of four months each) hot, cold, and mild.

The triangle is the most perfect of all geometric figures. Its three-sided figure is timeless. The Great Pyramid at Giza attests to the strength, simplicity, and enduring quality of the triangle.

The famous Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1799, consists of 3 parts: demotic, hieratic, and hieroglyphic. This is precisely how all Holy Scriptures (the Christian Bible(2) , the Hebrew Bible(3) , and al Qur’an(4) ) are written. “Demotic” signifies the literal/surface meaning of the Text that is readily understandable to the layman. Aramaic was the demotic (common) language of the Hebrews in Yahshua’s day.

Hebrew was the hieratic language used by the Levitical Priests to perform the Temple Rites. The Priests, or Kohanim, were given additional training and more intimately acquainted with the higher spiritual import of the Holy Scriptures.

The “hieroglyphic” or symbolic aspect of the Holy Scriptures is the information that each independent letter contains. When the Holy Scriptures are interpreted “hieroglyphically,” whole new worlds begin to unfold before our very eyes!

Even Yahshua’s life as recorded in the canonical Gospels consists of three distinct phases: his birth, his life during his earthly ministry, and the events surrounding his death. Furthermore, the three parts of the life of Yahshua’ the Christ can be subdivided into three parts (see diagram below):

Yahshua’s Birth -Birth, Infancy, Adolescence

Yahshua’s Life – Galilean Ministry, Judean Ministry, Perean (the land beyond the Jordan River) Ministry

Yahshua’s Death – the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and the Ascension

Water is an excellent symbol for the Holy Trinity. Water assumes the form of a solid (below 32 Celsius). Water assumes the liquid form (above 32 Celsius). And water assumes the form of a vapor (100 farenheight). When ice melts the three exist at once.

Light a candle and you will notice that the flame consists of three parts. The outer rim of the flame is invisible and is the hottest part of the candle flame. That which we cannot see is the Most Real, and is the Source of all we can see!


1. Yahshua, which means “YAH Saves,” is the original Hebrew Name of Jesus the Christ.

2. The three divisions of the Christian Bible are: the Old Testament, the Four Gospels, and the Pauline Epistles of  the New Testament.

3. The Hebrew Bible, or Tanach, consists of the three sections of the Torah (the Five Mosaic Books), the Nevi’im (the Books of the Prophets), and the Kethuvim (the Writings).

4. Al Qur’an has 30 (10×3) ajza’ (parts or sections) which are read during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Source by Elyah Israel

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