The Creation, Sustenance, and Dissolution of the Universe

The weather is very charming. All the spectators were cherished by the charming weather, assembled at the Campus of the Chief as usual. Satyapal after taking his seat stated today’s story at the appointed time.

Respected Elders, Friends, Mothers! Mahrishi Dayanand has described the work of God. The creation, sustenance and dissolution of the universe in the chapter Eighth of Satyarth Prakash in continuation of the topics of existence of God, His Form and His creation of Vedas and other creative skills of God in seventh chapter.

Brothers, in the beginning the whole of this world was overspread by complete darkness, in a state of dissolution. At that time, there were no earth, space, and neither light nor any inanimate like the Sun etc nor any animates like human beings, insects etc.

The darkness pervading and the whole were enveloped in utter darkness. The formless nature pervaded all around. Mahrishi Dayanad on the basis of Manu Smriti has described the same.

In the beginning, the whole of this universe was in the period of dissolution enveloped in utter darkness. There was nothing to be known by anybody, nor there was anything to bring into reasoning, nor anything to perceive through by any famous indication. (Everything was in the state of profound sleep).

In the state of dissolution of nature three eternities existed-God, the Soul and the nature (material cause).

In this hymn the Soul and God have been described with the help of two leafs and nature by the tree. Two birds are sitting friendly over the tree of nature since infinite period. Whereas one bird the soul reaps the fruits-good or evil, of this tree while the other one The Supreme Soul or God does not (Observes as a witness).

God and the Universe.

Many people believe that this Universe is made of God, like the earthen pot is made of clay. But this is not true. Because the pot is made from the clay, therefore it holds the virtues and vices of clay.

Likewise if the universe was a product of various virtues and vices of God, but the universe have no virtues and vices of God, because:

1. God is the Supreme Truth, omnipresent and Blissful.

2. God never takes a birth and the universe takes a birth.

3. God is intangible whereas the universe is tangible.

4. God is indivisible whereas the universe is divisible.

5. God is all-pervasive whereas the Universe is contented.

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