The Crazy World of 3D Animation

Most of us are aware of 3D animation features and techniques. We also know that they are widely employed in entertainment sectors in different ways. 3D animation in general refer to the art of creating and modifying the images. Its entry can be traced back to as early as 90s when the first 3D animated by film “Toy Story” was released. A lot of changes and advancements have taken place since then.

The entry of 3D animation had brought a sort of revolution in past decade in the animation sector. Its importance and popularity cannot be ignored. There is hardly any area where it has not played its part. The real power and its effectiveness came into light when the film “Jurassic Park” hit the screen worldwide. The film showcased not just the all powerful animal-Dinosaur; but highlighted the wonders of 3D animation in bringing the animal to life in a virtual sense. Reasons for its popularity will be briefly discussed in the following paragraphs.

With 3D animation, you can expect perfect images and at a record time. The impact created is simply outstanding. The illustrations and pictures created cannot be described in words. The final products can generally be viewed from different perspectives. 3D animation software come with different dimensional features and its ability in portraying movements is simply impeccable. A huge amount of scientific data is worked upon and is presented in a simplistic way. 3D animated pictures and movies generally have long lasting impressions on the viewers for a long time to come. It also becomes easier for viewers to recall their experiences in an accurate way.

It is also an excellent tool to communicate fast and present complex ideas into virtual reality. No other software or programming techniques offer this kind of advantages to its users. Even a remote concept or a hint can be converted into reality. Using 3D animated techniques, even hazardous and expensive scenes can be recreated. If you want to depict building demolitions or air crashes for your film, there is no better way to go about than 3D animation. Among many areas where 3D animation has brought about changes is Architecture. Designing and studying 2D and 3D models of different sketches has been made easier. These models are found to be extremely accurate and can be easily be interpreted.

Of lately, many companies have left their footmarks in the 3D animation industry. Each of these companies has their own software products in the market highlighting their unique features. The choices in front of a buyer are virtually endless. Having said this, there is few standardized software in the market. Few of them include Alias Maya, 3DS max and etc. The former allows the user to create designs, textures on them. The latter software too offers similar services. Some other popular software include Bodyshop, Cinema 4D.

The future of 3D animation is bright. Constant innovations and cutting edge technologies have ensured the viewing of pictures, sketches; films and so on will never be the same again. One area where 3D animation is yet to make a mark is in photorealistic animation of humans.

Source by Musa Aykac

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