Ten Things You Must Look For in an Immigration Coordinator

Information Technology companies hire Non-immigrants from various countries on work visa’s like H1B/L1 Visa. Start-up companies do not have too many Non-immigrant employees and it is not worth their time and money to HIRE an Immigration Coordinator as EMPLOYEE. Hence it is cost effective have Independent Contractors co-ordinate their employee’s Immigration process with the Law firm.

Having worked in a Law firm and in Immigration Department of an Information Technology company, I am of the opinion that Immigration Coordinators can play a major role in smooth functioning of the business.

Here are the ten things that you must look for when you have Independent Consultants to Co-ordinate your Immigration functions with the Law firm:

  1. Be able to find a lawyer/Law firm that understand the needs of the employer and employee.
  2. Be able to establish a link between the employee/employer and Law firm.
  3. Explain their ROLE clearly to the employee/employer/lawyer verbally and in writing.
  4. Be willing to read the newsletters from USCIS, law firms and listen to Conference calls in order to keep abreast of the changes.
  5. Many Non-immigrants are technical professionals and may not be aware of the Immigration process. The Immigration Coordinator must be willing to listen, understand all the questions of the employee/employer and present to the lawyer.
  6. Have a good rapport with the Lawyer and understand their requirements.
  7. Respect the employee/employer/Lawyer’s time and arrange for Conference call to address all the questions of employer/employee.
  8. Must follow up closely with the employer/employee and ensure that correct documents are sent in TIME.
  9. Must also follow up with the Law firm for delivery of services in time and also HELP them in expediting payments from employee/employer.
  10. Last but not least, understand that we are all human beings and do go through emotional roller coasters in times of uncertainty. The Immigration coordinator must be in a position to empathize with the employer/employee’s situation and be willing to share success stories that boost their confidence. At the same time the Immigration Coordinator must be willing to appreciate the challenges faced by the paralegals/lawyers and work as a team.

Source by Lalitha Brahma

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