Tell-Tale Signs – What Is IBS Symptom?

A question for people who are constantly suffering from diarrhea or constipation should be, “What is IBS Symptom?” Knowing what the IBS symptoms are would help them overcome their bout of pain and have a more predictable and manageable bowel movement.

Most people ignore the tell-tale signs and symptoms that express IBS. They just think that it’s something that is naturally wrong with their stomachs or their bowels. The truth is that it might be a high indication of a disorder. So, it’s better to ask what is IBS symptom and what can you do to get over them.

People go to their day to day life experiencing diarrhea or constipation and they usually just brush it off as a regular occurrence in everyday life. They neglect to examine what could be the reason why they are experiencing this or even suspect that if it happens way too often, it might be becoming an IBS symptom. More often than not, people tend to overlook the question, “What is IBS symptom and how could it affect me?” They usually chalk it off as something to do with what they just ate and that it will go away. Unfortunately, these symptoms don’t go away too often.

So, what is IBS symptom? Frequently, it is really difficult to differentiate whether it was just something bad that you ate and your stomach didn’t agree with it or you are already suffering from an onset of IBS symptoms. That is why it is important to really know what constitutes an IBS symptom to distinguish the disorder from those of other conditions. Here are some things that you should look out for:

  1. )If you are having unexplained cramping or pain in the abdomen area; something that you are not used to or you haven’t experienced when you had diarrhea or constipation then it might be a big sign of irritable bowel syndrome.
  2. )Bloating is common occurrence especially for women during their time of the month but if you feel more bloated than the usual; it’s time to check for other signs of IBS.
  3. )Flatulence is embarrassing but it is a very big indication of IBS.
  4. )If you experience constipation and diarrhea both at the same day, it’s out of the normal zone and you have to really consider checking it up with a health expert to know if you are already in the middle of IBS.
  5. )If your stool has mucus then that’s a pretty good indication that there is something wrong with your gastro-intestinal tract.
  6. )Nausea and headache is always present when it comes to irritable bowel symptoms and might be absent if it is only a disagreement between the food you have eaten and your system.

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned signs then it is an indication of what is IBS symptom. You can go to the nearest clinic to get suggestions on what medicine to take or go to a health expert and have a new diet plan to help alleviate the painful signs of irritable bowel syndrome.

Source by Estella Bray

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