Technology: Welcome to the Telescopic Chute

Technology has indeed made life quite easy. With the use of a telescopic chute, A lot of things can be done which previously could not have been done. Stricter regulations have come in the recent past that must be complied with. These regard the control of emissions that come from the loading of different products. As such, it is very important to make good use of the chute so as to comply with government regulation and to be in the forefront of environmental conservation.

There are different designs of telescopic chute available in the market. This means that it is very easy to make good use of the chute irrespective of the product that is desired to be loaded. Among the most popular chutes include sand loading chute, cement loading chute, grains loading chute, chemicals loading chute to even a feeds loading chute.

Depending on what is being loaded, the material for a chute is recommended. As you would expect, the chute design for loading sand and that for chemicals will not be the same. This is because chemicals will be mainly corrosive and there must be safeguards instituted in the making of the chute. The robust make of a loading spout factors in the type of work that the chute will be doing. A common construction chute will be retractable so as to allow for lower environmental pollution while at the same time, ensure that the truck is loaded evenly and with the right amount of product.

In cases where no environmental pollution is desired the loading chute is attached to the container where loading is taking place. This telescopic chute is most common in cases where cement, fertilizer or chemicals are being loaded. To ensure that the right amount is transferred and the chute does not overfill, it comes with sensors that detect the level of content. When it is full, the sensor automatically stops further transfer of content.

Among the advantages of these telescopic chutes include a dust free working area which means that you not only comply with government regulations, but also work in a clean and very pleasant area. Another benefit of the loading spout is that it is easy to maintain and is easily serviceable. These chutes have been designed with very simple technology pars, meaning that it is very easy to change a part which might be faulty or work out. Due to the simplicity in technology, the loading chute is affordable and can be designed depending on client specifications.

The loading spout can also be adapted for loading of multiple items including silos, conveyors, hopper or even a screw feeder. The telescopic chute can also be made as per the needs. This means that it can be adapted for whatever needs that may be there, large or small. When it comes to waste, the loading spout achieves maximum efficiency with no waste whatsoever recorded. The conical flask of the loading spout is also adaptable to a wide range of tanker inlets. If hot materials need to be loaded, the loading spout is adapted to withstand temperatures of up to 250oC at a time.

Choose the telescopic chute today for all heavy loading needs for materials in granular form or even liquid. They make work easy and ensure that a safe working environment is achieved. Among items recommended to be loaded with the loading spout include polyurethane, sugar, sand, cement, seed, salt, corn, gypsum, perlite, wheat flour, polyurethane, coal dust and ceramic powders.

Source by Jack Athwani

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