Start-Up Jobs in India

The title of this write-up sums up the emerging scenario in the Indian job market where starts up jobs are aplenty. And youngsters are willing to kick-start their careers by joining a company that offers them ample operational freedom and plenty of opportunities for personal growth.

With the Indian economy going on an upward spiral, there is a sudden spike in the number of jobs in India as a substantial majority of resourceful, well-educated Indians have taken to entrepreneurship. Most of these start-ups are based in urban centers like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon and that is the main reason why we see a sudden spike in the number of queries on search engines for start-up jobs in Gurgaon.

Professionals who join large multi-nationals do so for the perceived job security and employment stability they provide as well as the money that is on offer. But all this comes with a caveat as the work-culture in a transnational corporation is quite bureaucratic, process-driven and can seem to be frustrating at times. Decision making in a transnational corporation is slow and you might feel as if you are just a cog in the wheel and your work does not get any recognition.

If you are looking for a start-up job in India then you must keep in mind that life is quite the opposite as there is virtually no job security in a start-up. But the overall job satisfaction level is quite high as you are responsible for your own growth in these firm and the rewards and recognition far exceed what you would ever get in a transnational set up. Individuals tend to grow along with a new company and every effort they put is directly visible in the growth of the organization.

Decision making is quite and prompt and the useful suggestions made by employees are immediately implemented leading to increased operational efficiency and it fosters a feeling of belongingness amongst the employees. Such quick decision making is relatively absent in a large transnational corporation where most suggestions go through a detailed process of evaluation before they are implemented. Quite often these ideas get lost in the maze of bureaucratic decision making leading to a decline in employee morale.

Here, in this write-up I have tried to give you a snapshot of the pros and cons of working in a start-up and if you want to explore a career in a startup you can type the keyword start up job in Gurgaon and check out the results that appears.

Source by Peter Taylor

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