Solar Outdoor Lights – 2 Disadvantages to Using Solar Outdoor Lighting

To start with, there are more advantages than disadvantages but that does not mean necessarily that Solar Outdoor Lights are a good sound decision. You need to take the pros and the cons and consider which is more important and undeniable in your own heart and mind.

The first disadvantage of using Solar Outdoor Lights is the initial cost. The lights are very expensive to buy but remember, that is initial costs not overall cost to use for an extended length of time.

The second and last disadvantage of using Solar Outdoor Lights is the fact that they are not particularly reliable. If it is overcast, raining, foggy, snowing, storming or other types of weather that cause the sun not to shine, the solar energy to operate the lights at night can not store to ample levels to run the lights. Some of the lights do come with a built in backup battery or can use electricity as a source of backup power. This can be of great use on winter days where there are only a few hours of good sunlight.

During the winter months many of these lights only work for a few hours or produce a dim lighting ability. This too can be a problem if the light that is in question does not have a back up source of power. Then you are stuck with the problem of how to light your path or driveway even though the lights you have are not working.

As with any product when it comes time to choose Solar Outdoor Lights, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons and come up with an educated decision if they are the right lights for you. If you decide they are do the required research to shop around and find the features that you want.

Source by Steve Sight

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