Solar Bat Sunglasses Review

Solar Bat Sunglasses claims to have the most advanced tennis sunglasses lens ever developed. It is possible that this is true. From my own personal experience with sunglasses specifically designed for tennis, there are 2 other very good products out there on the market and the SolarBat Sunglasses rank right up there with the other two. The two other players in the tennis sunglasses market are the Bolle tennis sunglasses and the Tifosi tennis sunglasses. Was it really so many years ago when you just had the choices of a regular sunglasses or a polarized sunglasses? Next came UA, UV, and who knows what else. Today, everything is so specialized. I need a pair of SolarBat Sunglasses for playing tennis, A pair of Ray Bans for walking around and looking cool, and a pair of inexpensive Foster Grant polarized for those trips to the beach when I don’t want to lose or damage my good ones.

So what is my true and honest take on Solar Bat sunglasses? Aside from having a very cool sounding name and some wicked looking frames, SolarBat Sunglasses are very good. With its patent pending gradient greenish tint, the tennis ball and lines were clear as a bell while the rays and glare from the sun were sufficiently blocked out for lack of a better term to give me a great deal of clarity in seeing the ball and court. The Leverage model, Solar Bats tennis specific sunglass has a technology which visually enhances both the ball and the tennis court, or so the Solar Bat people say. There definitely is something to them that makes the ball and court clearer to the eye.

The important thing here is that they worked and that they worked really well. In the old days, I played in the bright sunshine without wearing any sunglasses. Knowing what we know today about things such as Glaucoma and other eyes diseases you’d have to be crazy not to wear eye protection when playing outside. These sunglasses act in two important ways, protecting your eyes from damage and improving your visibility on the courts. The Solar Bats performed really well in the bright sunshine, and they look really cool on. They are also extremely comfortable so I have to give them a 2 thumbs up.

Solar Bat Sunglasses, Tifosi Sunglasses Or Bolle Tennis Sunglasses?

I do recommend that you invest in a pair of tennis sunglasses, whether they be Solar Bat Sunglasses, Bolle Tennis Sunglasses or Tifosi Sunglasses. They are all very comparable, just really a question of style and preferences. All three are so very close in all aspects that it’s very hard for me to say which one is best. But, if I had to make a choice between all three, on a scale of 100 I would rate both the Solar Bats and the Tifosi’s at 100, with the Bolle an extremely close second at a 99. If you caught me testing these 3 out on another day, being as close as they are the numbers might be reversed. Bottom line is that they are all excellent and you cannot go wrong with any one of the 3 choices.

I have already done the research for you to get the best prices on these brands of tennis sunglasses.

Source by Leslie Mazel

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